Capsule Heat Shrinker, 110V PVC Capsule Shrinking Machine

Capsule Heat Shrinker

Capsule Heat Shrinker, 110V PVC Capsule Shrinking Machine Temperature Adjustable Wine Bottle Cap Wrap Heat Shrinking Machine for Max Diameter 70mm/2.75″

  • Fast Heating – This heat-shrinking machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, making it anti-rust, heat-resistant and durable. Using spiral heating wire that assists heating evenly and quickly, this heat shrinking machine just takes about 2-3s to shrink a bottle. This heat-shrinking machine does not adopt any paint treatment to avoid paint-melting of the bottle under high-temperature working conditions.
  • Temperature Adjustable – This machine adopts a digital temp controller to keep an even temperature inside the hole. And the temperature of this machine is adjustable (0-400℃/32-752℉) for different thicknesses of heat shrink caps, so you can adjust it according to your material.
  • Dgital Display – It has a real-time display of temperature, the temperature setting is on the upper row, and the heating temperature display is on the lower row, making the operation easier and more convenient.
  • Easy to Use – Due to its simple structure, clear-marked press keys, and automatic thermostat/digital screen display that shows real temperature in time, this machine is easy to operate.
  • Widely Use – This machine is designed with a 2.75" heating hole is suitable for most bottles whose bottle mouth diameter is less than 2.75 inches. And it is universal for the PP/PVC/PE/POF heat-shrinkable caps of bottles.


Model: SM-1

Material: Stainless Steel

Treatment: Laser Cutting, Welding, Polishing

Color: Stainless Steel

Shape: Irregular

How it Works: Manual

Display: LED Indicator Included

Display Mode: Upper Row Temperature Setting, Lower Row Heating Temperature Display

Applicable Material: PVC/PP/PE/POF

Working Temperature: 0-400℃/32-752℉ Adjustable

Shrink Film Material Temperature: 120-150℃/248-302℉

Ironing Time: 2-3s (depending on the quality of the cover paper)

Power Source: AC

Plug: US Standard

Voltage: 110V

Power: 1000W

Frequency: 60Hz

Speed: 700 bottles/ hr

Power Cable Length: 1.5m/4.9ft

Heating Hole Diameter: 70mm/2.75inch

Product Size(L*W*H): 41*16*23cm/16.14*6.3*9.05inch

Package Size: 43*20*23cm/16.9*7.87*9.05inch

Net Weight: 3.3kg/7.27lbs

Gross Weight: 3.5kg/7.7lbs

Package Included:

1* Heat Shrinking Machine

1* Power Cable

2* Fuses

How to Operate:

1. Put the PVC heat shrinkable cap on the bottle mouth and set the temperature.

2. Push the bottle mouth toward the heating hole and push it into the heating chamber along the V-shaped slot of the body.

3. Remove the bottle after holding the bottle in the heating chamber for 2-3 seconds at the set temperature.

4. The PVC heat-shrinkable cap will be heat-shrink and tightly wrapped around the bottle mouth for protection and decoration.

How to Set Temperature:

1. Press SET to start the setting.

2. Press the left arrow to adjust the position of the digits to be set (single digit, ten-digit, hundred-digit).

3. Press the up/ down arrows to adjust the desired number.

4. Press SET to confirm.