Egg Beater, Hand Mixer, Electric Handheld Mixer

Egg Beater

Egg Beater, Hand Mixer, Electric Handheld Mixer with Stainless Steel Attachments, Includes Sturdy Beaters and Dough Hooks (Color : A) (B) fine

  • ★Quick mixing, double rod configuration, 1 machine dual use, one button retreat, porous heat dissipation, upright design. Eggs do not splash, ABS is solid, not easy to age, wearable and durable.
  • ★Low noise during use: baby sleeps, mother can safely bake
  • ★Multi-faceted heat dissipation, up and down air, no hot and efficient
  • ★Creative storage, space saving, three-dimensional design, no dirty desktop
  • ★Bar-removing function: accidental injury caused by pressing the wrong bar button during the prevention and control work

150W powerful power, 5 speeds, to meet different food needs, comfortable handles, fit hands and easy to operate.
Product Name: Eggbeater
Placement: Handheld
Function: Beat the egg, batter, cream
It is compact, light and easy to use.
The handle design is ergonomic, comfortable to hold, saves time and effort, and is a good helper for the kitchen.

Manufacture: MaGiLL
Origin: China