GVM Soft Boxes Lighting Bowens Mount, Softbox Quick Release

GVM Soft Boxes Lighting Bowens Mount

GVM Soft Boxes Lighting Bowens Mount, Softbox Quick Release Compatible with PRO-SD200B/ SD300B/SD400B/SD500B/SD650B/ and Other Bowens Mount Light, Softbox with Carrying Bag for Studio Photography

  • 【Quick Installation & Quick Folding】The GVM Quick Release Portable Softbox measures 24 inches and features an integrated locking lever that quickly lifts and snaps into place, this spherical softbox takes just seconds to open and be ready for use. Ideal for portraiture, product, fashion photography, and more, so you're ready to shoot in a fraction of the setup time of a traditional softbox. Foldable for easy storage, and equipped with a storage bag for easy portability.
  • 【Install via Bowens Mount Port】 Metal ring adapter, can be installed on any Bowens mount studio flash or LED fixture, Bowens Mount is compatible with PRO-SD200B/ SD300B/SD400B/SD500B/SD650B/ and other Bowens Mount lights, it is a projection soft light The perfect photo or video accessory to illuminate large areas while still maintaining control.
  • 【HIGH DURABILITY】The GVM softbox is supported by 16 ribs giving it a wrap-around light quality, but its depth gives it a degree of sharp falloff, making feathering and directional control easy. For further directional control, an optional fabric grid is included to narrow the beam and minimize light leakage. Other convenient features include a silver interior that maximizes dramatic and intense light output, and removable front and interior diffusers so you can adjust softness and contrast
  • 【Even Lighting】Illuminates the entire room. The softbox is a 24" (approximately 60cm) spherical design that disperses the light from the LED or Studio Stobe in all directions with a beam angle of 270°. Now you can fill the entire space with one light source. GVM Softboxes are perfect for studio use.
  • 【Ready for Filmmakers】With its tension-based quick-release design, the lantern can be installed or removed in seconds, allowing you to set up faster with fewer lights. Combined with its durable and portable design, this lantern is the perfect soft light makeover tool. Throw it behind the car and start shooting.

Weight: 4.99 pounds
Dimensions: 23 x 8 x 8 inches
Manufacture: GVM
Origin: China

Product Description

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