ILOKNZI Aluminum Alloy 16 Inch Teleprompter with Remote

ILOKNZI Aluminum Alloy 16 Inch Teleprompter with Remote Control and Free Teleprompter APP Compatible with iOS/Android

ILOKNZI Aluminum Alloy 16 Inch Teleprompter with Remote Control and Free Teleprompter APP Compatible with iOS/Android, Work with Camera, Online Meeting, Video Recorder (16 inch)

  • High-Definition Tempered Glass Display: This ipad teleprompter features a high-quality beam splitter glass enhanced with tempered technology for increased durability. The adjustable hood and the ultra-slim glass design ensure that text on your tablet is reflected with crystal clarity on the high-definition display of the teleprompter. Effortlessly read your script with confidence. Note: Please remove the protective film on the glass before using the teleprompter.
  • Wide Compatibility: The teleprompter is designed to accommodate tablets of all models, with a maximum sliding rod size of 11.2" / 28.4cm, making it compatible with iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro 12.9", and more. The lens hood is adjustable with a drawstring, ensuring compatibility with various camera lens sizes. One teleprompter suits the majority of tablet devices.
  • Cheese Block Quick Release Design: In order to allow users to easily install the camera, the cheese block on the camera base can be released by pulling it, and then return to its original position after being screwed to the bottom of a digital camera or other equipment. The tedious camera installation time is greatly reduced. Note: The hole position of the cheese block needs to be aligned.
  • Adjustable Bridge-style Camera Base: Our sturdy camera base features a manually adjustable height with nine settings, catering to the diverse needs of various devices. This ensures that the reader's eyes are parallel to the camera lens, resulting in a more natural and confident performance during reading or speaking. Elevate your camera teleprompter experience with customizable height options for different setups.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Glass Frame: The frame angle can be smoothly adjusted within the 50°-90° range, significantly expanding the viewing angle. Users can easily customize the angle as needed during actual usage. Enhance your experience with a liftable teleprompter that offers seamless adaptability to meet your specific preferences.

Weight: 9.99 pounds
Dimensions: 19.51 x 15.01 x 8.01 inches
Manufacture: ILOKNZI
Origin: China

Product Description


Come with remote control and teleprompter APP

ILOKNZI Aluminum Alloy Teleprompter

Three sizes to choose from 13″/ 16″/ 20″
The Product Includes Teleprompter, Remote Control, Canvas Bag, Prompter App (iOS and Android downloads only)
Feature Rotatable screen/ Adjustable camera stand/ Easy to install camera
Excellent workmanship All aluminum alloy frame, durable and long-lasting