Joydeem JD-PB8200 Compact Blender with 10 Menus, Quiet

Joydeem JD-PB8200 Compact Blender with 10 Menus

Joydeem JD-PB8200 Compact Blender with 10 Menus, Quiet Cooking Blender for Soymilk, Paste & Juice, 304 Stainless Steel, 12H Preset, 600ml

  • BLENDER & HEALTH KETTLE DUAL USE – (The health cup needs to be purchased separately) Joydeem Mini Blender's base will intelligently recognize the dual cups, display corresponding menu, and 20 functions are free to choose. Blender Mode supports 12 hours preset, can select functions such as soymilk, smoothie, paste, juice, etc; Health Cup Mode supports keeping hot between 45-90 ℃, you can choose to making tea, birds nest, stewed soup, tonic diet, etc, among them, there are five professional submen
  • SPLIT DESIGN & LIGHT WEIGHT & COMPACT SIZE – Separable cup of Hot Cold Blender is easy to clean. 0.78kg base and 0.8kg single cup weight is only one-third of a traditional blender, making it convenient to access. Small size saves space and good storage, suitable for home and office use. 3min open lid/lift cup/power off memory is both smart and safe.
  • MULTIPLE NOISE REDUCTIO – Five steps of noise reduction in Cooking Blender: Soundproof plastic shell, Less gear friction core, Low noise DC motor, Center of gravity sinking design, Shock absorption foot pads. Soft sound wall breaking that won't affect your family and neighbors.
  • SHARP BLADE & POWERFUL MOTOR – Soymilk Maker's 4-leaf steel blade with 10000r/min high speed and large torque motor, realizing dry beans straight to beat, the finished soymilk taste smooth, no need to filter. Comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning to protect your hands from injury.
  • HEALTHY & SAFE MATERIALS – The inner layer of Small Countertop Blender is a seamless and fully wrapped 304 stainless steel inner liner, and the outer layer is a 360 ° wrapped anti scald plastic shell, which is odorless and not easy to hide stains; The health cup is made of food grade high silica glass and stainless steel tea basket, which is heat resistant and easy to clean. All silicone seals that will come in contact with liquids are BPA Free for healthier and safer use.

12 Hours Preset

45-90 ℃ Keeping Hot

3min Open Lid/Lift Cup/Power Off Memory

5 Tea Brewing Submenus

OLED Display

One Touch Cleaning

Weight: 5.57 pounds
Dimensions: 5.4"D x 6.9"W x 11.5"H
Colour: White
Colour: White

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