Nanlite PavoSlim 120C Included softbox& eggcrate, lumenradio

lumenradio (PS120C)

Nanlite PavoSlim 120C Included softbox& eggcrate, lumenradio (PS120C)

  • THIN, AIRY, BRIGHT & TOUGH – Exceptionally slim and lightweight yet it provides impressive an output of 12830 lux (1192 fc) @1M 5600K, and it has solid construction that was designed to last
  • FAST SET UP & BREAK DOWN – Designed for speed and efficiency, PavoSlim 120C and the included softbox and grid can be set up and put away impressively quickly
  • CRMX & EXPANDABLE – LumenRadio CRMX is built in, CRI of 96 and TLCI of 97 so your colors will always be accurate, a separate accessory is available to couple two PavoSlims together to create a larger light source
  • AC OR BATTERY – Run continuously on an AC outlet and features 2 V-Mount battery plates for working on location
  • SOFTBOX, MOUNT & 3-YEAR WARRANTY – Includes a case, softbox, 2 diffusions, grid, mount, Control Unit, super clamp, cables, and a 2-year warranty that extends to 3 years with online registration

Weight: 22.5 pounds
Dimensions: 60.2 x 30.63 x 1.86 inches
Model: 3985
Manufacture: NANLITE
Origin: China

Product Description

Nanlite logoPavoSlim LED PanelsNoteworthy Output PowerVersatile Powering OptionsPack Up Compactly.

Versatile Powering Options

The Control Units that come with the 1×1 PavoSlims have battery plates for both NP-F and V-Mount batteries. The 2×1 PavoSlim models have a single V-Mount plate. They’re all efficient in power draw, and compatible with 14.4-26V batteries. The C models include durable super clamps for attaching the Control Units to round or square stands, trusses, and other objects.

Comprehensive Control Packages

Because PavoSlim panels have separate Control Units, their intuitive onboard controls are always easy to reach, even when the heads are high up on stands. They all have locking metal DMX/RDM ports and USB ports that can power wireless DMX receivers, and PavoSlim 60C and 120C feature built-in LumenRadio CRMX. All models have Bluetooth for direct control with the NANLINK app, and 2.4G for the WS-RC-C2 handheld remote and WS-TB-1 Transmitter Box for bigger setups (both sold separately).

Pack Up Compactly

Flight cases and hard-shell cases are useful for heavy-duty transit, but lightweight soft cases with padding and semi-rigid protection have their advantages, too, and that’s what you get with PavoSlim. Like the lights themselves, the cases are notably space efficient while still offering good protection. There is room for all the included items, such as the softbox, diffusions, and grid.