Rosco E-Color #215 48″ x25' Half Tough Spun Diffusion

Rosco E-Color #215 48″ x25' Half Tough Spun Diffusion Filter

  • Integral Component: Part of Rosco's holistic European E-Color filter system
  • Expansive Range: Offers every conceivable color for diverse needs
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for color effects, alterations, diffusion, and reflection
  • Broad Usability: Perfectly designed for both film and video productions, catering to TV and digital mediums alike
  • Top-tier Production: Manufactured with cutting-edge dye formulations

Unleash Vibrant Creativity with Rosco E-Color!”Capture Perfection with Every Frame!”Deep Dive into E-Color #215Crafted meticulously for discerning professionals, the Rosco E-Color #215 1/2 Tough Spun 48″ x 25′ Roll represents the pinnacle of filming accessories. Dive into the world of unmatched color fidelity and dramatic effects tailored to cater to both film and video productions.A Palette of PossibilitiesThe E-Color range embodies an expansive palette, ensuring that whether you’re illuminating an epic scene or honing in on intimate moments, your vision is accentuated with impeccable color. Elevate your production value by utilizing the power of color effects, alterations, diffusions, and reflections. Feel the magic as you add life to every frame, letting your story unfold naturally and captivatingly.State-of-the-Art CraftsmanshipStep up your game with filters forged with avant-garde dye formulations and bonding methodologies. With Rosco’s unyielding commitment to excellence, you are equipped with an accessory that promises to stand the test of time. Experience the synergy of form and function, and let your content radiate with precision.Trustworthy Performance – Every TimeBank on Rosco’s legacy of assuring unparalleled reliability and stellar performance. Every E-Color filter is a testament to our passion for perfection, aiming to amplify your artistic prowess. Feel confident as you embark

Weight: 1.45 pounds
Dimensions: 44 x 7 x 7 inches
Model: Diffusion Filter
Manufacture: Rosco