Snow Chains SK79,Snow Socks for Car, SUV, & Pickup-Easier

Snow Socks for Car

Snow Chains SK79,Snow Socks for Car, SUV, & Pickup-Easier Installation, Quieter and More Comfortable Ride (Pack of 2)

  • 【Better Alternative to Tire Chains】New Technology-Made of synthetic fabric (not metal). They are made of 100% high resistant polyester and provide an effective and reliable anti-slip function.
  • 【Quick and easy to fit】The snow chains are easy and convenient to install. They can be quickly and safely attached to the tires without the need for special tools. They are also lightweight and compact, so they can easily be stowed in the trunk.
  • 【Lightweight and easy to store】Lighter and less bulkier than traditional chains , easy to store in the car-Reusable and washable
  • 【 Quiet and comfortable driving】The snow chains guarantee complete tyre coverage, thus enabling a calm and stable driving behavior. So you can enjoy a quiet and pleasant driving experience without being affected by disturbing noises.
  • SK79 fits tire sizes:175/80R15 195/70R15 205/65R15 215/65R15 225/60R15 165/75R16 235/60R15 175/70R16 185/65R16 195/80R14 185/80R14 195/75R14 215/70R14 245/60R14 205/75R14 205/60R16 215/60R16 225/55R16 195/65R16 235/55R16 185/60R17 205/55R17 215/50R17 225/50R17 235/50R17 245/45R17 215/45R18 225/45R18 235/40R18 245/40R18 245/50R18 185R14(New) 235/35R19(New) 195R14(New) 195/60R17(New) 226/60R15(New) 225/40R19(New) 245/35R19(New) 185/75R15(New)

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KANIYA snow sokcs

  1. Multiple sizes

    It has different sizes to choose from. It can flexibly adapt to most tire models.Confirm model number before purchase.

  2. Full coverage for safe and comfortable driving They effectively reduce the risk of slipping and improve traction on slippery roads.

  3. [Set content]

    Tire anti -slip chain (two -wheeled) x 1 set . glove x 1 pair. storage bag x 1

Weight: 2.37 pounds
Dimensions: 13.9 x 12.13 x 3.62 inches
Brand: Kaniya
Model: 79
Manufacture: Jiashida Technology Co., Ltd.
Origin: China

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Snow Chainssnow socksSnow Socks for Car

[Set content]

Tire anti -slip chain (two -wheeled) x 1 set . glove x 1 pair. storage bag x 1

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