Traild Brass Brake Pad set for Can-Am Defender MAX (6

2 row seating) HD7 HD8 HD9 HD10 6x6 & PRO 2017-2024 (Full Vehicle Set)

Traild Brass Brake Pad set for Can-Am Defender MAX (6 seater, 2 row seating) HD7 HD8 HD9 HD10 6×6 & PRO 2017-2024 (Full Vehicle Set)

  • Single-piece, solid brass compound, CNC machined for a direct fit (No modification necessary).
  • Unmatched durability for mud and water riding – no other standard pads will last longer in the mud.
  • Fits 6 seat/2 row Can Am Defender MAX HD10 2017-2024, Defender MAX HD9 2022-2024, Defender MAX HD8 2017-2021, Defender MAX HD7 2022-2024
  • Fits Can Am Defender PRO HD10 2020-2024, Defender 6×6 HD10 2020-2024
  • Brass pads are not recommended for high speed stopping or heavy braking. Brass pads do not stop as well as our ceramic pad and make more noise.
  • 715900380, 715900379, 715900387, 715900386,

Traild's Brass Brake Pads: Is brass right for my rig?

Why choose a brass pad?

  1. Extreme Durability: Brass brake pads are the epitome of durability. They are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, making them the top choice for mud enthusiasts and those who frequently ride through challenging, mucky terrain.
  2. Extended Lifespan: Brass pads outlast other options, reducing the frequency of brake pad replacements and maintenance, a significant benefit for riders who want more time on the trails and less time in the garage.
  3. Mud Performance: Brass pads maintain their stopping power even in mud holes, ensuring you stay in control when navigating through thick, sticky mud.

Best Suited For:

  • Mud Holes: For those who revel in mud-riding adventures, brass brake pads are the ultimate choice. They provide the longevity and consistent performance needed to conquer muddy trails.
  • Extreme Off-Roading: If you frequently take your ATV or UTV through extreme off-road conditions, such as deep mud or swampy terrain, brass pads are your best bet.

Traild brass brake pads: designed to provide the ultimate durability for offroad mud & water riding.

Traild brass brake pads utilize a single-piece, CNC machined, brass as a direct fit replacement to traditional brake pads which wear more heavily in the mud.

Brass pads are the best choice for riders that live in the mud and are willing to give up stopping power for prolonged durability. While brass pads are unquestionably more durable and longer lasting than traditional pads, brass is only recommended for riders that spend a significant amount of time in mud, as there are tradeoffs in performance versus a traditional pad:

  • Brass pads do not stop as well as our ceramic pads and do not perform well in high heat (high speed, or frequent braking demands)
  • Brass pads make more noise

If you crawl or ride trails with occasional mud, our ceramic pad is still your best choice. Those can be found under in our store.

If mud is your life, and high speeds and braking performance is not, Traild Brass brake pads are the upgrade your rig needs.

Weight: 3.55 pounds
Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 2 inches
Brand: Traild
Manufacture: Traild

Product Description

Traild Brass brake pads manufactured in WisconsinBrass Can Am Brake PadCeramic vs Brass vs Stock pad comparison chart