Tubular Distillation Tower with Sight Glass, 2'&#39

New Tubular Distillation Tower with Sight Glass Copper Mesh 2'' Domestic Brewing Equipment Moonshine Distiller for the Brewing of a Variety

Tubular Distillation Tower with Sight Glass, 2'' Domestic Brewing Equipment Distiller Stainless Steel Still Reflux Column for 13-26 Gallon Fermenter Capacity

  • ★【 FUNCTION 】The thermometer allows you to observe the temperature of the wine in the tube at any time to adjust it at any time, making it easier for you to operate. The sealing ring provides you with a full range of seals, and there is no air leakage during the brewing process, so as to provide you with more mellow wines.
  • ★【 SIGHT GLASS 】We equip you with a sight glass that is convenient for you to observe the brewing status of the wine, and you can observe the height and color of the wine, which is convenient for you to make a judgment when making wine.
  • ★【 COPPER MESH 】Copper material has the effect of accelerating the aging of spirits and increasing the aroma of spirits. During the distillation and cooling process, free copper ions can adsorb tramp alcohols, so your spirit will be cleaner and more mellow.
  • ★【 APPLICATION 】It is suitable for the brewing of a variety of wines, such as liquor, pure dew, distillation, fruit wine, whiskey, brandy, wine, and grain wine. And it can be used for fermenters with a capacity of 50-100L/ 13.21-26.42Gal.
  • ★【 SERVICE GUARANTEE 】Our new tubular distillation tower provide free lifetime warranty and replacement parts policy. If you have any questions about the product, the customer service department will reply to you within 24 hours.

Imagine making a healthy and flavorful wine for yourself and your family on a leisurely afternoon. This tubular distillation tower can help you realize this fantasy. It uses the distillation method of brewing for you to quickly produce a full-bodied wine while also ensuring the health and taste of the wine. So give it a try!

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Principle: Distillation
Applicable Fermenter Capacity: 50-100L/ 13.21-26.42Gal
Sight Glass Height: 17cm/ 6.69in
Rod Lenght: 44cm/ 17.32in
Thermometer Height: 10cm/ 3.94in
Tube Diameter: 5.1cm/ 2in
Product Size: 23*95cm/ 9.06*37.4in
Package Size: 17*28*66cm/ 6.69*11.02*25.98in
Net Weight: 5kg/ 11.02lbs
Gross Weight: 5.3kg/ 11.68lbs
Package Included
1* Sight Glass
1* Copper Mesh
1* Tube
1* U-tube
1* Wine Dispenser
3* Sealing Rings
4* Fixing Clamps
Other Needed Accessories

Manufacture: RudiUsoy