VBGK Commercial Induction Cooktop,Professional Induction

Professional Induction Cooktop

VBGK Commercial Induction Cooktop,Professional Induction Cooktop, 5000W Hot Plate with LCD Touch and Knob control 4 Hours Timer, 16 Power Levels,Auto-Shut-Off,220V Induction stove top

  • Protable Induction Cooktop: VBGK professional induction cooktop uses 220V working voltage.built to North American electrical standards.5000W of cooking power, Portable induction cooktop and easy to carry perfect for caravans, hotels or yachts, the electric stove is the perfect partner for professional chefs.
  • 16 Power & Temperature Speeds: VBGK Commercial Induction Cooktop has 16 power levels (200W to 5000W) which can be adjusted according to your needs.induction cooker With an 85% energy efficiency rating.Higher power and faster cooking time than traditional gas or electric cooktops greatly reduces cooking time.
  • Intelligent Design: The VBGK electric burner features an intelligent touch screen design and knob control, LED display and extra long panel for easy viewing and operation while cooking. The stainless steel housing design not only extends the life of the Portable Countertop Burner but also helps with cleaning.
  • CERTIFICATED & SAFETY : Our induction cooker is a stove specially designed for safety, features a 4-hour timer and a high and low pressure warning system.such as overheating protection, automatic shut-off protection, and pan detection. The auto-pan detection will shut the unit off automatically after 30 seconds if no cookware or incorrect cookware (No Magnetic) is detected.
  • 24-Hour After-Sales Service: If you have any questions please contact us, 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty and lifetime technical service support,we promise to give you the most satisfactory solution.VBGK specialises in providing safe and durable Electric Cooktop for restaurants, such as restaurants, industrial kitchens, and other catering services.

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  1. VBGK was founded in 2015, a professional kitchenware enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and marketing, specializing in the production of modern kitchenware such as ceramic cooktop, induction cooktop and gas cooktp.

    Our goal is strive to provide high quality and high-tech products to customers around the world. At present, VBGK has in the region of the US, Canada, Mexico,European and actively expand overseas distribution channels.

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  4. VBGK Electric cooktop

  5. 24h Support Team

    VBGK provide professional after-sales service and 24-month product support. If you have any questions, please contact with us.

Weight: 12.06 pounds
Dimensions: 21.65"D x 15.74"W x 7.8"H
Brand: VBGK
Model: Single Induction Cooktop
Colour: Stainless steel
Colour: Stainless steel

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