VEVOR Drop in Ice Chest

VEVOR Drop in Ice Chest

  • Large Capacity: A large-capacity drop in ice bin that can hold about 30QT (28.52L) of ice. When filled, it can make approximately 120 cups of 16oz beverages. Ideal for storing a large amount of ice or chilling various drinks.
  • Non-Electric Insulation: Constructed with a stainless steel surface and a 0.79" (20mm) PU foam layer. The hinged cover cover creates an exceptional insulating space. Offers over 24 hours of insulation without the need for electricity or energy.
  • Food-Grade Material: The entire ice chest is made from stainless steel (top lid + interior SUS304, exterior SUS201), making it durable and rust-resistant. The interior uses an integrated full-welding process, greatly reducing the possibility of leaks.
  • Additional Details: Specially equipped with a filter-style water pipe for easy installation and use. It quickly drains accumulated water, maintaining dryness and hygiene inside the ice chest. The filter mesh prevents ice cubes from falling out.
  • Embedded Installation: The ice storage chest can be installed in beverage stores, hotels, or bar counters. Also suitable for indoor and outdoor kitchen counters. The embedded installation saves significant space.

Weight: 24.9 Pounds
Size: 14L x 12W x 18H Inch
Dimensions: 13.98 x 12.01 x 19.06 inches
Brand: VEVOR
Part: Drop in Ice Chest 14L x 12W x 18H inch
Colour: Silver
Manufacture: VEVOR
Colour: Silver
Size: 14L x 12W x 18H Inch

Product Description

Embedded Ice Storage Chest

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