Vodzsla Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop,Full HD IPS

Full HD IPS 11.6'' Dual Monitor Screens Extender

Vodzsla Triple Portable Monitor for Laptop,Full HD IPS 11.6'' Dual Monitor Screens Extender,HDMI/USB/Type-C Plug and Play Gaming Computer Monitor for 13.3”-16” Mac Windows Chrome Laptops

  • Triple Laptop Monitor:The Dual laptop monitor has dual 11.6'' Full HD screen ,IPS 1920 x 1080P monitor delivers a rich color image and clear view from all angles.Each screen can be individually adjusted and equipped with a USB/HDMI/Type-C interface.Bringing an perfect experience for worker, students, players, professionals and anyone else looking for more screen space. Suitable for 13.3-16 inch laptop screen,a thickness less than 7mm.
  • Plug and Play Design: The laptop screen monitor doesn’t require any driver installation ,it can be easily attached stablely without any other accessory like magnet.The back design with a scalable bracket to adjust the length and increase stability.It provide users multi screen simultaneous display and multi screen different display ,improve your work efficiency by up to 300%. NOTE: The usb-c port of laptop must support video transmission,if no,can not work!!!
  • Multi Using Mode:The laptop monitor extender have full 235° rotation and 180°display mode to share the same laptop screen,or whirl either side of the screen for desirable viewing angle;and can choose horizontal /vertical viewing,and 45-degree three-screen display,which is available for better visual experience.
  • HD Screen and Portable Design:The 11.6” Full HD LCD IPS portable laptop monitor provide a colorful, bright and immersive viewing experience!And it has ultra-portability, energy-saving, and compact design,portable and foldable design, which can carry anywhere.
  • Wide Compatibility: Portable triple monitor for laptop compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android and Switch(not support for Mac M1 2020/Mac Air 13/Mac Air 13 2007/Dell XPS13/ideapad flex 5),work with Usb-c/Type-c 3.1 phones that support full-featured output.The packaging includes 1*dual screens,2*MINI HDMI to HMMI cables,2*USB-C to USB-C(90 degree) cables,2*USB-C to USB-A cables.

Weight: 5.17 pounds
Dimensions: 12.52 x 8.46 x 0.98 inches
Manufacture: Vodzsla

Product Description


Attention before purchase!!

1. Make sure your laptop size are suitable:

If your laptop is 13-16 inch and also within the following size range of length, thickness and height,your laptop can fit our monitor : Length:10-14.76 inch / Height:>8.46 inch / Thickness:<0.28 inch

2. Make sure your laptop model are compatible:

This 11.6 inch triple monitor only support Type-C and HDMI ports,so please check your laptop have 2 USB-C ports(support power and video transmission) or 1 USB-C port(power&video) and at least 1 MINI HDMI port!

If your laptop use latest chip M1 and model is Mackbook Air/Pro, it won’t compatible.

3.Connect Ways:

1. If your laptop has 2 Type-c ports (supports video&power 2-in-1) : Please use two USB-C to USB-C cable to connect screen expansion ;

2. If your laptop has only 1 Type-C ( video&power 2-in-1) and 1 HDMI port, 1 USB port:Please use USB-C to USB-C cable to connect with one of screen,use Mini HDMI cable and USB-C to USB-A cable to connect other side( usb-a cable to provide power for HDMI);

3. If your laptop has only 1 Type-C (power supply &video) or 1 HDMI PORT : Please use a USB docking station to expend extra HDMI PORT,but the laptop’s USB-A port must be 3.0/3.1 version.

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    Suitable for 13.3-16 inch Laptop

  3. extended monitor for laptop

    Full 235° rotation and 180°display mode to share the same or different laptop screen

  4. portable monitor for laptop

    Built- in Bracket

    The bracket adjusts to an angle of 0-45°,retracts freely in length to meet user’s demand.

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1. How to solve the screen display “No Signal” ?

1): If you are using HDMI to support video transmission,must to connect USB-C to USB-A Cable to provide power to screen. HDMI and USB-A cables need to be used at the same time.

2):If you use 2 Type-C cables to connect the monitor, please make sure that your Type-C Port support the video transmission( Full Function Port).

3): If your laptop is connected to a USB-C port like the “USB SS” type, it means only power, no video output, and you must use a docking station or HDMI adapter cable to extend the additional DisplayPort.

2. Why does one screen not light up after connecting ?

1): Due to the some laptops’ insufficient voltage, when connected to protable laptop monitor, one screen will work normally and another one not. You can try to use an additional USB cable to power the screen.

2):The following laptops are not compatible with triple-screen and therefore only support one screen at a time: Macbook Pro (2012 and earlier); Macbook Air (2017 and earlier); M1 Chip Macbook.

3):Some models of notebooks (such as Macbook) have two TYPE-C ports, just only one Type- C port can output videos . So only one screen can be displayed normally. You can use docking station to extend the HDMI and USB ports.


Supported Brands & Model Laptop —-Update Continuously

Laptop Brand There Models Can Support Dual Screen Directly
DELL Inspiron: 15, 5000 Urban 14/15 ,7000 14,5000 Fit 14, 5410 14; G Series: G3, G15, G5 15, G7, G15 RYZENVersion ; Latitude: 3510, 3520, 5420, 7420/7420 2-in-1, 9510 ,5300 2-in-1; XPS Series: 15, 15(XPS 15-9500-R1505S), 17(XPS 17-9700-D1761TS),17(XPS 17-9700-D2961TS),13 2-in-1 ,13(XPS 13-9310-R2508S)
MAC MacBook pro:15-inch 2016-2019,16-inch 2019/2021;13 2016-2019
HP Spectre x360 13 series(13t-aw200 touch,13-aw2004nr,13-aw1002nr) ;Spectre x360 14 series(14t-ea000 touch,14-ea0047nr,14t-ea100; Spectre x360 15 series(15t-eb100 touch,15t-eb100 touch,15-eb1097nr)Spectre x360 16t-f000; VICTUS series(16z-e000,16t-d000,16-e0097nr,16-d0097nr; OMEN 15 series (15-en1097nr,15-ek1097nr,15t-ek100,15-en1010nr)
HP Pavilion 360 14 series (14t-dy000 touch,14t-dy100,14-dw1098nr);Pavilion 360 15 series (15t-er000 touch, 15-er0097nr, 15-dq2097nr,15-dq0081nr);Pavilion Aero- 13z-be000/- 13-be0097nr;Probook 640 series/Probook 15 G3;Elite Dragonfly series/Elite Folio series; OMEN 15t-ek100/OMEN 16-b0014nr;ENVY 15t-ep100/ENVY X360 series
ACER S3X,Acer P50,TravelMate P215
HUAWEI MateBook X 2020 13.3″,MateBook X Pro 2021 13.9″
SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Flex,NP950XBE,NP930MBE,NP930SBE,NP930MBE
ASUS TUF Gaming:9, FA506, 8, FA506II, 2, 2 Cori, air, FA506IV, FA506IU; Zenbook: 14, X dual screen, S Flip, X S, X2 Pro, G15
ThinkPad ThinkPad P Series: P15v 2020 15.6”, P1 Gen 3 15.6”,P15s Gen 2 15.6”; ThinkPad T Series: T14 2021 14”, T490 14”,T15 15.6”,T14s 2021 14”,T15P 15.6”,T590 15.6”; ThinkPad X Series: X1 Extreme Gen1 15.6”,X1 Nano 13”, X13 13.3”,X1 Yoga 2020 14”,X1 Titanium Yoga 13.5”,X390 Yoga 13.3”
LG gram: 15 2020 15.6″, 16 2021 16″, 14 2020 14“,14 2021 14″
Honor MagicBook 16 Pro 2021 16.1″,MagicBook 16 2021 16.1″
Xiaomi Xiaomi Pro Series:14 AMD,15 AMD,15 Max, 14 Max, 15 AMD,X 14,15 Max, 15,14, 14 AMD,X 15 ; RedmiBook Pro Series:14 AMD,14 Ma
LENOVO Pavilion Aero- 13z-be000/-13-be0097nr;Probook 640 series/Probook 15 G3