Westcott U60-B Bi-Color LED (60W) for Content Creators

Product Photography

Westcott U60-B Bi-Color LED (60W) for Content Creators, Product Photography, Actor Self Tapes, and Interviews (Westcott U60-B Bi-Color LED 1-Light Softbox Kit)

  • LIGHTING MADE EASY: Elevate your creative content with this multi-use lighting kit for photography, video production, live streaming, self-tapes, and more. The U60-B adapts seamlessly to different creative needs, from lighting portraits or products to podcasts and video calls.
  • FLATTERING SOFT LIGHT: Achieve exceptionally soft, diffused light, perfect for portraits, thanks to the compact 60W bi-color LED light with high color accuracy (up to 97 CRI, 99 TLCI, 83 SSI) and quiet, flicker-free performance up to 4,000 FPS, resulting in softer light when compared to LED panels and less post-processing work.
  • PRECISE CONTROL: Easily adjust brightness (1-100%) and color temperature (3200K-5600K) on the built-in LCD screen or with the wireless remote, allowing precise control of your lighting setup from up to 115' (35m) away and the ability to control multiple lights.
  • QUICK SETUP: Effortlessly assemble this LED kit using its magnetic light modifier mounting and easy collapsible design, saving you time and space in setup for on-location shoots or home studios.
  • VERSATILE & FLEXIBLE: Customize your look with soft lighting using the included 22” Octabox or get more defined, hard lighting with the diffusion cap. Easily control the light angle with the built-in tilter bracket and expand your capabilities with optional batteries or umbrellas (available separately).
  • LED KIT CONTENTS & SERVICE: Kit includes U60-B LED light, 22" Octabox, Diffusion Dome, Remote, AC Adapter & Cable, and comes with a 1-Year Warranty and lifetime US-based customer support from Westcott.

Weight: 7.2 pounds
Dimensions: 22 x 10 x 6 inches
Model: 810
Manufacture: F.J. Westcott

Product Description

u60-b content creator lighting made easyAchieve Softer, More Flattering Portrait Lighting Quick Setup, Anywhere

Versatile & Flexible Lighting Options

With U60-B LED Kits, you have the freedom to customize your lighting for every project. Utilize the 22” octabox and diffusion cap for soft or dramatic lighting. Aluminum light stands provide precise light positioning, and the tilter bracket offers 360-degree rotation.