18-Inch 13.5 Amp Tiller/Cultivator with 6 Steel Tines

3-Adjustable Wheels

18-Inch 13.5 Amp Tiller/Cultivator with 6 Steel Tines, 3-Adjustable Wheels, Foldable Handle, 8'' Tilling Depth Electric Corded Tillers, Electric Garden Rototiller for Garden Lawn Soil Digging

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  • – & ' This electric garden tiller boasts an 18" cultivation width, allowing you to cover more ground in less time, boosting efficiency. With an 8" tilling depth, it effectively loosens and processes soil, breaking it up for better planting.
  • – The powerful 13.5A copper motor,No-load speed 360RPM. It delivers robust performance and high efficiency. The rototiller can handle large areas of soil or tough ground, easy to finish work in 30 Mins. Equipped with an overload protection system, it automatically shuts off if it is obstructed, preventing damage and extending its lifespan.
  • Garden cultivator tool with the double safe feature, safety button, and over-temperature protection not only keep human people safe but also keep the machine safe, with a long life.
  • – Tillers and cultivators electric is designed with 6 x 4 tines, 18-inch tilling width, 4'' – 8'' tilling depth. Constructed from durable 65# steel Mn, the tines feature a cross-structure design that ensures stability and ease of use in various soil conditions. It will offer more dense and faster tilling, wider working range more several times efficiency.
  • & Electric rototiller with a humanized design, just press the safety button and switch while working. Weighing just 27.87 lbs, this electric cultivator tiller can be easily lifted with one hand.The foldable handle makes transportation and storage a breeze. These thoughtful details enhance its practicality, convenience, and comfort.

Weight: 27.9 pounds
Dimensions: 42.52"D x 17.32"W x 18.03"H
Model: OT7A504
Colour: GREEN
Manufacture: BUCOTOD
Colour: GREEN
Origin: China

Product Description

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