30-Amp Portable Power Center, Split 240VAC Input into 2

Split 240VAC Input into 2 Separate 120VAC Output

30-Amp Portable Power Center, Split 240VAC Input into 2 Separate 120VAC Output, A&B Zone Independent Control with 2 Mini Voltmeter and Ammeter

  • EMERGENCY RESILIENCE: Are you still worried about the inconvenience of power distribution after bad weather? The Portable Power Center connects to the generator power socket, providing a portable and mobile power outlet box. Its unique feature can split the 240VAC input into two independent 120VAC outputs to accommodate the power needs of different appliances and devices, ensuring you always have reliable power support on job sites or in emergencies.
  • INTELLIGENT SAFETY PROTECTION: Equipped with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) function, the GFCI green light illuminates when the device is operating normally, providing visual safety indicators. The exclusively designed segmented mini voltmeter and ammeter provide real-time feedback on power consumption, safely visible at a glance.
  • FLEXIBLE INDEPENDENT CONTROL: Designed with independent control for Zone A and Zone B, allowing flexible control and monitoring of power usage. The sum of current in Zone A and Zone B must be less than 30 amps. And with A, B two circuit breakers, can be cut off independently. Whether it's charging vital equipment or keeping it running, be prepared for any storm.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE FOR INDOOR USE: Complying with OSHA standards and NEMA Type 1 enclosure standards, suitable for indoor use, ensuring optimal performance in dry environments. Comes with a 1.8-meter long L14-30P plug power cord (10AWG) for plug-and-play convenience.
  • CONVENIENT PORTABILITY: The portable design allows you to carry the socket power box anytime, anywhere, meeting your immediate power needs and ensuring that you stay connected and powered even during blizzard days.

Weight: 15.93 pounds
Dimensions: 6.3 x 2 x 5.9 inches
Brand: Zuomeng
Model: ZM-027
Colour: yellow
Manufacture: Zuomeng
Colour: yellow
Origin: China

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Rugged Housing

UL-Certified Components

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