6 String Metal Solar Combiner Box, PV Combiner Box with 20A

PV Combiner Box with 20A Rated Current Fuse

6 String Metal Solar Combiner Box, PV Combiner Box with 20A Rated Current Fuse, Surge Protective Device & 63A Air Circuit Breaker, Metal Case Combiner Box for On/Off Grid Solar Panel System

  • 【Reliable Protection】: Our solar combiner box is designed to keep safe your solar panels and inverters, ensuring their reliable and safe operation. With built-in 20A rated fuses, it offers overload and overcharge protection, as well as surge and short circuit protection.
  • 【Easy Installation】: All wires are pre-wired in the PV combiner box with specialized solar system wires, and it comes with a built-in ground connector. The 6 string solar combiner box's durable metal spray housing comes with a lock and key for added security, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor applications.
  • 【Versatile Applications】: Whether it's for powering public facilities in rural areas, solar power generation in venues, residential off-grid systems, or grid-tied systems in factories, our combiner boxes can be used. The solar combiner box is IP65 waterproof and is strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • 【Clear Indicators】: Combiner box for solar panel system will have an indicator window that will show if it has been punctured, providing clear feedback on its status. In addition, there are surge and fuses to control the output of the PV combiner box so that your solar panel system works safely and reliably.
  • 【Safe to Use】: This metal solar combiner box is equipped with features such as rapid circuit disconnection, lightning protection, anti-reverse connection, and overload protection. The 6 string solar combiner box ensures the safety of your solar PV system, allowing you to harness solar energy with confidence.


Product Description


Combiner box for solar panel system is made of durable metal spray box, which is more suitable for outdoor use and installation.

Moreover, the solar photovoltaic combiner box housing is IP65 waterproof, available all-weather, and meets outdoor installation requirements.

However, the combiner box is an electronic device and should not be placed in a humid place.