Commercial Large Capacity Catering Urn, 40L/50L/60L/70L Hot

40L/50L/60L/70L Hot Water Boiler Dispenser

Commercial Large Capacity Catering Urn, 40L/50L/60L/70L Hot Water Boiler Dispenser, Stainless Steel, 30-110°C Temperature Control for Cafe, Office, Home,70L

  • synthetic material
  • Imported
  • Made from high quality stainless steel, this catering urn has triple insulation to prevent scalding and will not scald the barrel when boiling. With its elegant, simple design, this is the perfect addition to any home or commercial kitchen, providing hot drinks quickly and effortlessly when customers, guests and staff need them, and without making a mess.
  • This dispenser is very easy to use and comes with a non-stick ceramic crystal sump, more suitable for simmering soups, milk tea type food better anti-stick and more widely used, a removable lid with food grade silicone ring for a good seal and insulation, as well as easy refill of drinks and a steaming tray for two uses in one bucket
  • Safety cut-off device: if the appliance runs accidentally without water, or if all the water evaporates, the safety cut-off device automatically switches off the heating element to protect your hot water cylinder from damage.
  • Easy to operate: two indicators for heating and keeping warm; a thermostat to adjust the desired temperature at will, from 30° to 110°; a 90-minute temperature timer and a simple button to adjust the size of the stall
  • Makes your life easier: prepare hot drinks quickly and effortlessly when you need them. Ideal for a variety of uses, including restaurants, hotels, conferences, events, cafes, shops, offices, parties and much more.

Product parameters:
Product specification:30L/40L/50L/60L
Product material: Stainless steel
Number of taps:1pc
Rated voltage: 220V
Power size: 2800W
Adjustable temperature: 30-110°

Product includes:
1* Hot Water Boiler Dispenser

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Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: WBRSybUS
Origin: China