Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner – 140Mins Automatic Pool

Rechargeable Battery

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner – 140Mins Automatic Pool Vacuum for Above Ground Pool -Water Sensor Tech- Dual-Drive Motors,Rechargeable Battery,Ideal for All Flat Bottom Pools Up to 42 Feet,Green

  • 140Mins Last & For Various Pool : 2024 new upgrade for 5000mAh battery can last 140 minutes per charge ! All Cleaning just need once charge ! Our pool cleaner robot compatitable for all kinds of FLAT BOTTOM of inground or above ground pools,no matter what materials or shape, up to 42 Ft (1384sq.ft) per once!(If larger than 42ft may need to clean one more time). Just take a nap and it will help you done all the work. Enjoy water paradise with your family : )
  • Hassle Free & Safety Design : Free your hands and get rid of tangled cords with this pool cleaner ! Even can enjoy your time in the pool with your family while the robot is working ! Turn on the switch, drop the pool vacuum robot into the water and it will run on its own, new upgrade with IPX 8 waterproof and blocking protection of motors, only run in the water, ensure your safety.
  • Powerful Dual Motor & 15Kpa Suction : Equipped with dual motors and 15Kpa underwater powerful suction of this pool vacuum, 52.5 ft/Min faster running speed, can adapt to the maximum slope of 10 °,easily move pass the wrinks and catch up more dirty.More powerful, more convenient. It effectively removes leaves, sand, gravel, and floating algae from the bottom of the pool, surpassing the capabilities of most above ground pool vacuum.
  • Sensor Route Adjustment & Sel-Parking : It will automatically change the route within 5s after the pool vacuum cleaner touches the wall, The smart route adjustment technology will bring a more comprehensive cleaning to your swimming pool. Once the cleaning is complete or the battery is low, the vacuum will dock itself next to the swimming pool wall and can be easily recycled with a hook.
  • High Filtration & Deep Cleaning : Our cordless pool vacuum features two cleaning scrapers and large suction ports at the bottom, perfect 250μm fliter mesh(Other robot use 180μm filters, which can lead to garbage clogging and the machine not functioning),allowing for a cleaning depth up to 8.2 feet. Lid added to the inside of the robot to prevent waste from flowing back into the water.All the garbage will be ctach out of your pool!

Weight: 7.2 pounds
Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 x 7.8 inches
Model: P1-JZ-B
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: Lydsto
Origin: China

Product Description

Your Pool's Magic Cleaning Broom

pool cleaner vacuumcordless pool vacuum

Cordless Work

Hassle free ! Just take a nap it will help you done all the work !

No messy power lines and pipelines. Suitable for various swimming pools.

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    2024 New Upgrade !

    140 Mins Last / 1384 Sq.Ft

    Powerful rechageable battery for 120 -140 mins last per charge!

    All Cleaning just need once charge !

  2. pool vacuum for above ground pool

    Catch up more trash :)

    Up To 42 Ft Cleaning Diameter

    Streamlined design easily move pass the wrinkles to catch trash. Two cover aviod trash run back.

  3. pool robot cleaner

    Pls Charge before use

    For your flat bottom pool

    Not suitable for pools have deep water area,only for pools with a bottom slope of no more than 10°.

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    Fast assemble to use

    More Quickly Enjoy Your Summer

    Install the scraper if you like, turn on the robot and drop it into your pool!

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    One Step Open

    Just press the bottom of the switch and drop the robot into our pool,it will run to work!

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    Easy Hook Up

    Come with a hook to take it out,more convinent with your cleaning.

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    Easy to clean

    Can be rinsed out with a water hose.

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    Rechargeable Design

    Increased charging protection design, charging process 3-4 hours to extend the life of the machine.

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Let's Take Your Vacation Home

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What if P1 MINI Rro stops working?

– Check if P1 Mini Pro is trapped or stuck in the corners.

– Check if the battery level is too low.(Pls chagre befor use)

– Check if the float install in the right place.

If the robot will stuck?

-If the wrinkled of the vinyl pool's bottom is too huge, remove the bottom scraper of the robot then use.

-Check pool's slope should smaller than10 degrees.

-Leaves or stock larger than suction ports may stuck(4 in).

-Battery power off,pls charge .

What are the optimal uses for P1 MINI Pro?

– The P1 MINI Pro will not climb walls or stairs.

– Not able to clean floating algae(only bottom algea) or very large leaves.

-Can be used in hot tub, but the temperature should not exceed 40 ℃/104℉.

What is the best way to store my pool cleaner when I won't be using it for a long time?

— First, Shut down your pool cleaner after use

— Second, Clean your pool robot at the bottom and filter

— Finally, Fully charge the machine

Does it prompt when it finishes cleaning?

– When the task is completed, it will automatically return and dock next to the wall. But it does not make a sound or light cue.