Drs. Electric Heating Pad Far Infrared 100% Carbon Heated

Smart Controller

Drs. Electric Heating Pad Far Infrared 100% Carbon Heated Warm & Soft Cozy for Back Neck Shoulder Pain Relief, Smart Controller,Auto Shut Off, Adjustable Temperatures, EMF Free (Queen)

  • Superior Carbon Technology: Our 100% carbon far infrared heating mattress & pad offers unparalleled heat distribution, ensuring consistent warmth and soft cozy across the entire heating mattress & pad to effectively soothe your aches, pains and perfect sleep. Size: Small – (23.60" x 15.40"), Single – (59" x 33"), Queen – (59" x 59")
  • Deep Penetrating Heat: The far infrared technology penetrates deep into your tissues, promoting increased blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and providing relief from muscle stiffness and joint pain.
  • 1mm Thin Size: Experience the overwhelming slimness of the Doctor's carbon covering, which does not contain bulky materials such as thick heating wires or padding. With its extreme ultra-slim 1mm thickness, it offers convenience and portability for easy use, whether at home or on camping trips.
  • Adjustable Temperature Settings: Customize your comfort with multiple temperature settings that range from gentle warmth to intense warm and soft cozy heat
  • EMF Free: It is a carbon covering made of 3,000 strands of 100% genuine carbon fiber that provides basic EMF blocking. With its double safety system utilizing both primary DC current and secondary carbon material, the Doctor's carbon covering tech effectively blocks electromagnetic waves. It achieves perfect blocking of both electric fields and magnetic fields, ensuring safety for our body.
  • Washable and Saving Energy: Simply unplug it and toss it in the washing machine. Easily washable without worry about durability and our eco-friendly technology is energy efficient compared to air heating.

✔100% Carbon Far Infrared Heating Mattress & Pad – Fast Heating, Perfect Warm and Soft Cozy for Sleeper. Ultimate Comfort and Therapeutic Relief for Muscle and Joint Pain! Size: Small – (23.60″ x 15.40″), Single – (59″ x 33″), Queen – (59″ x 59″)

✔The far infrared rays penetrate deep into your muscles and tissues, promoting improved blood circulation while helping reduce inflammation and relieve tension. Whether you’re dealing with muscle aches, joint pain or simply seeking some extra warmth on chilly nights – our carbon heating pad has got you covered.

✔Safe & Energy Efficient: Our heating pad features an automatic shut-off after 2 hours of continuous use for safety and energy efficiency. It’s also made with eco-friendly carbon fabric that’s both durable and easy to clean.

✔Designed with a large coverage area in mind, this heating mattress & pad can wrap comfortably around various parts of your body such as back, shoulders, abdomen or legs – offering comprehensive relief exactly and perfect warm and soft cozy for where you need it most

✔Safety is paramount when it comes to using a heating device which is why ours features an auto shut-off function after 2, 6 and 12 hours (mattress), 2, 4 and 8 hours (pad) of continuous use—providing peace of mind while conserving energy

✔Our eco-friendly carbon fabric not only delivers superior performance but also stands up well over time —it’s durable yet soft against skin, and easy-to-clean too!