Espresso Machine, 20 Bar Espresso Maker with Milk Frother

20 Bar Espresso Maker with Milk Frother Steam Wand

Espresso Machine, 20 Bar Espresso Maker with Milk Frother Steam Wand, Compact Espresso Coffee Machine with for Cappuccino, Latte, Fast Heating

  • 【PROFESSIONAL ESPRESSO EXTRACTION】 Equipped with an Italian made 20 bar pressure pump for a perfect espresso. All the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction. The high stability ensures to reach the perfect balance and smooth tasting espresso every time.
  • 【PERFECT TEMPERATURE】 Equipped with a PID precise temperature control chip, keeps the machine at a stable and appropriate temperature for extracting coffee. It also provides the best temperature for easy milk frothing.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE MILK FROTHER WAND】 The powerful milk frothing wand can be adjusted to achieve the ideal state for beginners. It delivers sufficient steam to create a rich, dense and creamy froth that enables you to produce latte art and perfect cappuccino at home just like in a coffee shop.
  • 【MODERN AND CLASSY DESIGN】 This espresso machine features a High quality materials, perfectly complementing your kitchen appliances. Its elegant appearance is sure to add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen.
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES】 This semi-automatic espresso machines features a large, transparent 1.5L water tank and removable drip tray, making it easy to clean and maintain. This espresso coffee machine's bottom tray can be adjusted or removed to fit taller cups, so you can enjoy your espresso coffee in your favorite mug.

Weight: 8.38 pounds
Dimensions: 12.2"D x 10.23"W x 13.77"H
Brand: Empstorm
Model: EM-04E-01
Colour: Beige
Pack Quantity: 1
Colour: Beige
Origin: China
Quantity: 1

Product Description

Empstorm Espresso MachineEspresso Coffee Machine

Espresso consistently delicious

Our uniquely designed Empstorm coffee machine is our latest espresso machine, adding a touch of minimalist fashion to your kitchen. Its stylish and compact design is complemented by an easy-to-use control panel.

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  1. Espresso Machine


    Having relatively stable pressure regulation can better press out rich and delicious espresso!

  2. Espresso Machine


    The espresso machine adopts a semi-automatic process and is easy to operate!

  3. Espresso Machine


    The coffee machine adopts a fast heating system, which can quickly heat the water temperature!

  4. Espresso Machine


    The coffee machine can make various coffee drinks and enjoy them perfectly.

  5. Espresso Machine


    Easy to disassemble, can quickly and easily complete cleaning work!


What should I do if I have trouble with the espresso machine?

If the package is DAMAGED or MISSING ACCESSORIES, or the machine is DEFECTIVE, please contact for help and we are always here to help you! Also please find the user guide and trouble shooting guide on our “Product guides and documents” page.

How to get the ideal pressure?

If the pressure is too low, please use finer coffee grounds, add more coffee grounds in the filter or increase the tamping pressure to try. If the pressure is too high, please reduce the amount of coffee grounds or reduce the tamping pressure to try.

Is there a user guide for me?

We will send some documents to help you maintain and use the machine better. Please find the user guide and trouble shooting guide on our “Product guides and documents” page. It will help you a lot. Any problem please feel free to contact for help.