Handheld ASA VI Curve Tester 2 Channel 4 Gear Circuit Board

Handheld ASA VI Curve Tester 2 Channel 4 Gear Circuit Board Test Device

  • [Broad Compatibility]: Effectively test circuit components of any composition or functionality, bypassing limitations imposed by packaging.
  • [Flexible Testing Frequencies]: Test different circuit boards with ease using the adjustable testing frequencies, providing accurate and comprehensive results.
  • [Convenient and Safe Testing]: Test circuit boards without the need for power, ensuring safety and allowing for separate testing of detached boards.
  • [Extensive Applications]: Test both simple and complex circuit boards, offering a convenient method for testing the functionality of discrete components.
  • [Clear and Intuitive Display]: Easily observe and analyze test data in real time with the user-friendly screen.


Item Type: VI Curve Tester
Material: ABS
Display: 1.3 inch Organic Light Emitting Diode
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery 3000mAh x 1 [Shipped with built in battery]
4 Internal Resistance Adjustable: 56R, 470R, 1.5K, 20K
4 Test Frequencies: 50Hz, 300Hz, 2kHz, 13kHz
Curve Motion: Support
Scanning Function: Supported
True Dual Channel: Support
Synchronous Display: Supported
Program Control: Support

Package List:
1 x Tester
2 x BNC Cable
2 x Test Cable
1 x USB Cable

How To Use:
VI and multimeter resistance method types, but the multimeter resistance voltage is lower, the instrument uses AC to excite the circuit node. Because the amplitude and frequency can be adjusted, the amplitude close to the operating voltage can be used for excitation, and the measured graph is more real. You can find faulty nodes by comparing them. Due to current applied to the component, this technique does not affect or damage any component. ASA has many advantages and has been proven to be a fast and effective fault diagnosis technique.