Microbalance Ti Coffee Scale with Flow Rate Display

OTA Updates DiFluid Café APP

Microbalance Ti Coffee Scale with Flow Rate Display Auto-Detect Timing, OTA Updates DiFluid Café APP, 3kg/0.1g High Precision, Tare Function

  • Flow Rate Display: DiFluid Café displays coffee scale's data in a clean, an easy to read chart including flow rate, time and weight. Tracking brews is easy with DiFluid digital coffee scale.
  • Auto-Detect Timing: DiFluid coffee scale with automatic timing function, this mart coffee scale makes making and brewing coffee easier and more convenient and easier. Suitable for pour-over coffee, espresso and other scenarios.
  • Multi-functional Design: DiFluid microbalance Ti is designed specifically for brewing coffee, with a series of functions including weighing, timing, calculating, recording and networking.
  • DiFluid Café APP: Over-the-air updates with the latest software features. Share recipes, data and insights, while you enjoy coffee, share the brew data for others to build from. Help the communityimprove together.
  • High Precision: Min weight: 0.2g / Max weight: 3000g, resolution: 0g-1000g: 0.1g / 1000g-2000g: 1g.


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