PTO Clutch Replacement for Warner: 5218-101 5218-217

for Toro for EXMARK: 103-2453 103-3244

PTO Clutch Replacement for Warner: 5218-101 5218-217, for Toro for EXMARK: 103-2453 103-3244, for STENS: 255-488, for Xtreme: X0460 X0462 X0461, Mower Clutch,Electric Pto Clutch

  • MOWER CLUTCHES SPECS: Crankshaft: 1.125 , Pulley: 7.25 , Rotation: CW , Belt: 1/2 Or 5/8 Belt, Torque: 200,fit for Exmark Lazer Z,for Exmark 72" lazer Z,for Kohler 27 hp
  • for STENS: 255-488, for TORO for EXMARK: 103-2453 103-3244, pto clutch for XTREME: X0460 X0462 X0461,X0131 X0131-K X0236 for Warner: 5218-101 5218-217 5218-203 5218-159 for TORO: 110-0449 117-3869 116-1606, for John Deere: TCA23182 mower clutch
  • ACEBRI ELECTRIC PTO CLUTCH BENEFIT: High-Performance PTO Clutch Adjustment and maintenance free, Designed for rugged use, Residential and commercial applications.
  • WHEN TO TAKE OFF BRAKE SHIM: When clutch has worn to the extent that the existing air-gap is too large to allow for complete clutch engagement (clutch may engage easily when cold but has problems engaging when hot), brake shim can be taked off to restore air gap and allow the clutch to continue to function.(With engine off, key taked out and clutch disengaged).
  • WARRANTY AND SERVICE: This pto clutch from ACEBRI has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. If the mower clutch you received does not work after receiving it, please contact us for a replacement.

Weight: 5.82 pounds
Dimensions: 9.25 x 8.66 x 4.13 inches
Model: 102399-5446-1807396025
Manufacture: ACEBRI

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