Solar Distribution Box 2 String PV Combiner Box with 25A

250A DC Circuit Breakers

Solar Distribution Box 2 String PV Combiner Box with 25A, 250A DC Circuit Breakers, 63A,125A AC Circuit Breakers, and Surge Protection. Solar PV Breaker Box Perfect for 8K-10KW Solar Inverter Systems

  • 【IP65 Waterproof Distribution Box】This PV distribution box is constructed from high-quality ABS and PPC plastic materials, providing durability, pressure resistance, rust-proofing, and corrosion resistance. It features an integrated seamless sealing groove for enhanced waterproof and dustproof performance and a transparent PPC material cover for easy observation of internal conditions.
  • 【High-Quality Configuration】Equipped with a 2P-250A battery power circuit breaker, a 2P-25A photovoltaic input circuit breaker, and a 2P-63A,1P-125A AC input/output circuit breaker, this PV distribution box also features built-in DC and AC surge protection to effectively prevent lightning strikes and ensure the safety of solar energy systems. The PV input terminal comes with built-in solar connectors for simple connection to the photovoltaic array, offering plug-and-play functionality.【Designed for POW SunSmart 10K solar inverters】
  • 【Easy to Install】This solar distribution box is designed for easy installation with wall-mounted screws. Drill holes in the wall and secure it with screws. The mounting buckle eliminates the need for a key to open and close the box, making it extremely user-friendly. It can be installed on any regular surface, and the built-in installation grid bottom plate allows for DIY expansion of internal configurations.
  • 【Suitable for Outdoor Use】Featuring a waterproof class of IP65, this distribution box is also dustproof, salt-resistant, and acid and alkali-resistant, ensuring its safety and suitability for outdoor use. It is particularly well-suited for single-phase wiring of solar inverter systems with a power range of 8KW to 10KW.
  • 【Accessories and Services】This package includes 1 distribution box, 3 DC circuit breakers, 4 AC circuit breakers, and 3 surge protection devices. We also offer customer service with a response time within 24 hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.

Weight: 13.1 pounds
Dimensions: 15.8 x 13.9 x 6.8 inches
Manufacture: Temank
Origin: China