Spa Cover Lifts, Hot Tub Cover Lift &Pivot Top Mount Spa

Hot Tub Cover Lift &Pivot Top Mount Spa Removal System Reinforced Bracket

Spa Cover Lifts, Hot Tub Cover Lift &Pivot Top Mount Spa Removal System Reinforced Bracket, Hydraulic Hot Tub Cover Lifter fits Most Hot Tub Sizes Spa Cover Lift

  • Corrosion Resistant: Our spa cover lifter uses powder coated heavy duty steel zinc-plated, alloy steel hardware, & steel mounting brackets ensures that the hot tub cover lifter frame will last for years in the harshest climates.
  • Pivot Top Mount Tub Cover for Heavy Duty Spa : Spa cover lifters help you easily open the tub cover to help you get more enjoyment out of your spa. Top foam reduces the friction generated by the tub cover and increases the life of your spa.
  • Applicable Most Size Spa Hot Tub: Installs Easily on Hot Tubs width 96 "or less, requires 10-15 inches of clearance behind the spa and 5 inches on each side.‚Äč reserve 8" between the outermost hole of the base and back of Spa.Our hot tub lid lifter not suitable for round or inground spa.
  • Easy to Install: The convenient under mount design allows the cover lifter to be installed on a variety of hot tub covers, it only takes half an hour to use the hot water bath freely. The lid lifter comes with all the necessary parts and instructions, the installation video.
  • WarmTips: Installation of Hot Tub Cover lifts will require you to drill and fasten lift to your Hot Tubs Cabinet Structure and might require additional support, depending on the spa setup the cover may require the spa to be emptied and lifted to install.Please contact us with any questions about anything.

Weight: 17.16 pounds
Model: CK000074-NEW
Manufacture: TOCRETOARE

Product Description

Spa Cover Liftshot tub cover liftsSpa Cover LiftsSpa Cover LiftsHot Tub Cover Lift
Spa Cover LiftsSpa Cover LiftsSpa Cover Lifts
Tocretoare Under Mount Hot Tub Cover Lift Tocretoare Pivot Top Mount Spa Cover Lifts Tocretoare Hydraulic Lifter Hot Tub Cover Lift
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Price $109.99
Clearance Behind Spa 18″ 10″ to 15″ 18″
Clearance on Sides 5″ 5″ 5″
Fits Spas up to 96″ 96″ 96″