Automatic Card Dealer & Shuffler Machine, 2-in-1 360°

Automatic Card Dealer & Shuffler Machine

Automatic Card Dealer & Shuffler Machine, 2-in-1 360° Rotating Smart Card Dealing Machine, Universal Casino Playing Card Table Accessories for Poker, UNO, Blackjack, Texas Hold'em ( Color : White )

  • 【2-In-1 Automatic Card Shuffler And Dealer】A card shuffler with dual functions for shuffling and dealing. Equipped with a 5200mAh battery, providing 3-7 days of usage on a single charge. Features an oversized, shock-absorbing, non-slip base, and low-noise dual motors for stable and quiet card dealing. Enjoy a seamless and efficient card-shuffling experience.
  • 【 Suitable for 1-8 Players 】With an intuitive and easy-to-use setup, the card dealer allows for customization of the number of players, card dealing quantity, and shared card quantity. The card tray has a capacity of 2 decks and can add more at any time, and the machine will automatically continue dealing cards for up to 14 decks. Perfect for standard cards, long cards, wide cards, plastic cards and most regular-sized cards could fit.
  • 【 High-Speed Card Dealing 】Irrespective of the seating arrangement of the players, this card dealer features an innovative 360° rotational card dealing function, providing accurate and consistent card dealing. It is suitable for a wide range of environments, such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and camping trips.
  • 【Wireless Card Calling】Enhanced with 4 wireless remote card calling buttons, our automatic card dealer allows players to effortlessly signal and request cards without disrupting the game. The wireless functionality ensures seamless communication, even if you're seated across the room or at a different end of the table.
  • 【Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery】With a high-capacity 5200mAh rechargeable battery and Type-C charging, this automatic card dealing machine offers high endurance for 3-7 days of use without the need to constantly plug it in. The oversized, shock-absorbing base and low-noise dual motor ensure stable and quiet card dealing, adding convenience and efficiency to your gaming sessions.

Automatic Card Shuffler & Dealer Machine, 360° Rotating 2 Decks Card Dealer with Wireless Remote, Casino Playing Card Table Accessories for Poker, Blackjack

Quick physical shuffle
Electronic random dealing
Directional dealing
Shuffling card dealing induction
Deal cards clockwise/counterclockwise
360° rotating card dealing
Swing the cards left and right
Support multiplayer play

Product information
Material: ABS
Display: LED display
Interface: Type-C 5V
Battery: 5200mAh
Size: 16.2*12.7*11.6(CM)
Weight: 860g

Product List
1*Automatic Card Dealing Machine

Weight: 2.2 pounds
Dimensions: 5.91 x 5.91 x 4.72 inches
Model: INSTR
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: INSTR
Assembly: No
Department: Unisex Adult
Department: Unisex Adult
Origin: China
Quantity: 1