PRE-WIRED 16″ Ape Hangers 1.25″ Mercenary Handlebar & wires

PRE-WIRED 16" Ape Hangers 1.25" Mercenary Handlebar & wires Kit for 2014-2015 Harley Touring Street Glide/Electra Glide/Ultra Limited and 2013 CVO Street Glide/Electra Glide/Ultra Limited

PRE-WIRED 16″ Ape Hangers 1.25″ Mercenary Handlebar & wires Kit for 2014-2015 Harley Touring Street Glide/Electra Glide/Ultra Limited and 2013 CVO Street Glide/Electra Glide/Ultra Limited,Chrome

  • FITMENT: Our Ape Hangers handlebars are specifically designed to fit 2014-2015 Street Glide/Electra Glide/Ultra Limited Harley 2014-2015 Touring and 2013 CVO Street Glide/Electra Glide/Ultra Limited.Rise (height): 16", Diameter:1", Base Width: 12.25", Mounting Width:5.4 "
  • PRE-WIRED CONVENIENCE: Our new APE HANGERS comes in a Pre-Wired configuration directly from the factory, with integrated TBW wires, CAN-BUS wires, and heated grip wires. These handlebars are equipped with plug & play CAN bus control harnesses and connectors, making installation effortless.
  • Simplified TBW Setup: We've done the heavy lifting by preinstalling the Stock TBW wire and heated grip wire. Now, here's the real deal – a bit of snip-snip action. Cut your existing TBW and our prewired TBW wire, then connect them like a pro. Why the cut? we acknowledge the reality of the limited space of the handlebar, Skip the pain of rerouting and get cruising in no time. Your ride, your rules, made it easier
  • COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE:All of our motorcycle handlebars are carefully designed to provide a natural, relaxed grip combined with comfortable pull-back distance which reduces the fatigue of long-haul riding. Let you have more time to experience the fun of riding a motorcycle
  • PREMIUM QUALITY:Our APE HANGERS boast a premium build, utilizing high-quality steel material for exceptional strength and durability. The handlebars feature an electroplated and powder-coated exterior, undergoing multiple processes that impart a superior texture and finish to the surface, exuding a high-quality appearance.
  • PACKAGE LIST :1 X Handlebar, 1 X Hydraulic Upper Brake Calbe, 2 X Hydraulic Lower Brake Cables, 1 X Clutch Cable, 1 X Can-Bus Wire Harnesses(1 on each side of the bars), 1 X Electronic Throttle Wire(TBW),1 X Heated Grip Wire Harness
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT:To ensure your shopping experience, feel free to reach out to us anytime, both before and after making a purchase, Just find Prewired's email in About Seller Profile and get in touch. We are here 24/7 to assist you and address any concerns you may have.

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  1. We are a team at PREWIRED dedicated to simplifying customization for Harley enthusiasts. We understand the complexities of customizing Harleys. Our team of enthusiasts and experts develop prewired handlebars that fit seamlessly. Our GOAL is to simplify upgrades for every rider.

    Our MISSION is to craft innovative prewired handlebars that seamlessly integrate into Harley bikes, making the upgrade process accessible and hassle-free for every rider.

  2. What makes our products unique?

    Our outstanding Pre-wired handlebars are not only with complete TBW wire and CAN-Bus harness but also plan to integrate switches on the bar in the future. Our professional engineers overcome so many difficulties during the hand-thread and polish process, such as wire being torn off or hands being worn, etc. Just for your effortless plug-and-ride upgrades.

    What products do we provide?

    We provide up to 400 kinds of modification items for Harley, including Handlebars, Clutch Wires, Brake Lines, TBW, Engine Performance Parts, etc. You can always find the part you need.

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Weight: 13.8 pounds
Dimensions: 38.38 x 17.8 x 9.76 inches
Brand: Prewired
Model: Touring Handlebars P1
Origin: China

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