4Pcs 18V 8000mAh Replacement Battery for Milw M-18 Battery

4Pcs 18V 8000mAh Replacement Battery for Milw M-18 Battery Pack Compatible with Milw M-18 Lithium Battery 48-11-1890

4Pcs 18V 8000mAh Replacement Battery for Milw M-18 Battery Pack Compatible with Milw M-18 Lithium Battery 48-11-1890,48-11-1850, 48-11-1828, 48-11-1820,48-11-1815 Cordless Tools (4PCS-8.0Ah-1)

  • Trusted Replacement: 4 Pack, 18v, 8.0Ah, Class A Lithium Battery for milw battery, Perfect Replacement Battery for Milw m-18 Battery, such as 48-11-1852, 48-11-1860, 48-11-1862, 48-11-1890, 48-59-1850, 48-59-1815
  • Compatible with the Machine: Replacement battery for M-18 milw battery are compatible with Milw M-18 cordless power tools, such as 2641-21CT, 2642-21CT, 2643-21CT, 2646-20, 2646-21CT
  • Adaptable to Charger: No need to worry about alternative battery charging because our M-18 batteries fit perfectly with the Milw m-18 charger, such as 48-59-1812, 48-59-1808, 48-59-1806, 48-59-1807, 48-59-1810
  • Longer Working Time: The 8.0Ah replacement battery for milw 18v battery provides longer working time for your machine, and the LCD's 4-level indicator lets you know the battery power status
  • Multiple Protection: With built-in overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent, overvoltage, short-circuit protection, voltage regulator circuit, no memory effect on-demand charging alternative batteries let you use peace of mind.

Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Manufacture: Kulatiom
Origin: China

Product Description

milwaukee m18 batterymilwaukee m18 batterymilwaukee m18 battery

  1. Please charge the replacement batteries for Milw M-18 battery fully before use, we only keep little power for shipping purposes.
  2. The battery for milw 18v battery pack will reach peak performance after 3-5 times fully charge and discharge.
  3. Please remove the 18v battery for milw batteries and install it in a dry place when not using the 18v cordless tools.
  4. Please recharge for the Milw 18V batteries are dry and ventilation place.
  5. Please do not charge immediately after the 18V battery replacement is empty. Allow the battery to cool for 5 to 10 minutes before charging. This is very important.
  6. If the Replacement battery for baterias milw is not going to be used for a long period of time, we recommend using the M-18 battery at least every two to three weeks.

Compatible with all original Milw M-18 System 18V Series tools:

M-18丨2601-21丨2601-22丨2602-22DC丨603-20丨2603-22丨2603-22CT丨2604-20丨2604-22丨2604-22CT丨2606-20丨606-22CT丨2606-21CT丨2607-20丨2607-22丨2607-22CT丨2615-20丨2615-21丨2615-21CT丨2629-20丨2629-22丨2641-20丨2641-21CT丨2642-21CT丨2643-21CT丨2646-20丨2646-21CT丨2646-22CT丨2656-22CT丨2701-20丨2701-22CT丨2702-20丨2702-22CT丨2704-20丨2704-22丨2705-20丨2705-22丨2706-20丨2706-22丨2707-20丨2707-22丨2708-20丨2708-22丨2729-20丨2729-21丨2729-22丨2787-22丨656-22CT丨2801-20丨2804-20丨2803-20丨2760-20 and more.

Replacement for Milw M-18 18V battery:

48-11-1811丨48-11-1815丨48-11-1820丨48-11-1822丨48-11-1828丨48-11-1840丨48-11-1841丨48-11-1850丨48-11-1852丨48-11-1860丨48-11-1862丨48-11-1890丨48-59-181丨48-59-1850丨4932352071丨4932430063丨C18B丨Li18丨M-18丨M-18B丨M-18B2丨M-18B4丨M-18BX and more.

Compatible with all original Milw M-18 System 18V Series chargers:

48-59-1812丨48-59-1808丨48-59-1806丨48-59-1807丨48-59-1810 and more.

Fit for your Milw M-18 Circular Saw | Blower | Drill | Driver | Impact Wrench | Hedge Trimmer | Pipe Threader | Braking Grinder | Recip Saw | Band Saw | Hackzall | Chainsaw | Jig Saw | Nailer | Drywall Screw Gun | Rotary Hammer, and more.

NOTE: Not fit for Milw 48-11-2230 48-11-2232 48-11-2200 0522-20 6310-20 0524-20 Battery