Arcade Games Console 26800 Games in 1 Retro Game Machine

Pandora's Box 1280X720

Arcade Games Console 26800 Games in 1 Retro Game Machine, Pandora's Box 1280X720, 3D Games, Search, Save, Hide, Suspend, Supports Up to 4 Players Pandoras Box (VS)

  • 【26800 In 1 Arcade Game Console】:Unlike other 4-core game consoles on the market, we use the latest 32GB 8-core processor Pandora Box 50S system for smoother operation.There are 26800 games(including 56 3D games), almost covering all arcade games, and you can Save/Search/Hide/Pause/Delete Games.
  • 【Full HD Resolution】:Compared with ordinary 480P game console, our arcade game console achieves full HD 1280 x 720P resolution through HDMI or VGA interface to bring you a better gaming experience.
  • 【Customizable Buttons】:In order to meet the customer's dissatisfaction, our game console has been equipped with custom buttons. After opening the game console,you can set the order of buttons according to your preferences.Our game console includes English, Korean, and Spanish, and you can set your own language according to your needs.
  • 【1-4 players game console】: This game console can be played by two players, allowing you and your friends to enjoy the joy of battle together. At the same time, you can also play with 3-4 players by connecting the controller, allowing you to enjoy multiplayer games.
  • 【Strong Compatibility】:Our arcade game consoles support VGA & HDMI & USB Output and suitable for use with TVs/PCs/Xbox 360/monitor screens/displays/projectors, etc.

Weight: 7 pounds
Dimensions: 25 x 8.3 x 2.5 inches
Manufacture: Zmmyuluo
Age: 12 years and up
Origin: China

Product Description

Zmmyuluo 26800 Arcade Games in 1,Retro Game Machine for TV PC Projector

retro gaming consoleconsola de videojuegos


26800 Games In 1

2-4 Players

1280X720 Full HD

One key switch language

Search/Hide/Save/Load/Pause Games

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With Protective Film

The acrylic panel is covered with a protective film,which is to protect the integrity of the product during transportation.

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    With Breathing Light

    Multi color backlight acrylic upper panel and Buttons are precise and solid.

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” data-position=”triggerHorizontal” />Power Plug

The first step is to plug in the power interface, then plug in the VGA or HDMI cable to rediscover the fun of childhood.

” data-position=”triggerHorizontal” />VGA and HDMI Connection Methods

Console output is compatible with HD TVs, Monitors, Projectors, etc via HDMI and VGA.

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