Audiopipe APDLO Amplifiers (APDLO-30001D), Class D, Mono

Audiopipe APDLO Amplifiers (APDLO-30001D)

Audiopipe APDLO Amplifiers (APDLO-30001D), Class D, Mono, Oversize Mosfet Circuitry, 3000 Watts, Built-in Subsonic Filter/Low-Pass Crossover/Phase Shift, Overload/Overheat Protection, Remote Bass Knob

  • CLASS D MONO AMPLIFIER: Our Class D Mono Power Amplifier features a Class D circuitry that delivers efficient power to your audio system without sacrificing sound quality or performance.
  • DESIGNED WITH ADVANCED MOSFET CIRCUIT: This amplifier utilizes advanced MOSFET power supply for maximum performance with minimal distortion, delivering 15% more power than our traditional line of amplifiers!
  • MAXIMUM POWER OUTPUT: This amplifier ensures efficient power output and superior performance with a maximum power output of 2000 WATTS
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10Hz-180Hz | THD: <0.5% | SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: >70dB | INPUT LEVEL: 0.2 – 5V | DIMENSIONS: 17.04” x 6.92“ x 2.16” (LxWxH) 433 x 176 x 55mm
  • CONTINUOUS POWER OUTPUT: RMS @ 4 Ohm (<1% Distortion) : 800W RMS @ 2 Ohm (<1% Distortion) : 1200W RMS @ 1 Ohm (<1% Distortion) : 2000W
  • VARIABLE SUBSONIC FILTER: This amplifier has a built-in subsonic filter which eliminates sound frequency below 10-50Hz.
  • OVERLOAD PROTECTION: This amplifier is equipped with overload protection, ensuring a safe and reliable audio experience. | OVERHEAT PROTECTION: This amplifier features an advanced heatsink, designed to provide superior overheat protection.
  • VARIABLE LOW-PASS ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER: This amplifier features a variable low-pass electronic crossover which allows you to precisely control the frequencies for the best audio performance.
  • BUILT-IN VARIABLE PHASE SHIFT: This amplifier boasts a built-in variable phase shift feature which is expertly designed for optimum performance.
  • REMOTE SUBWOOFER VOLUME CONTROL: This amplifier includes a remote bass knob for control of your subwoofer volume remotely from your dashboard.


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