Bilantan HummerHi- Smart Hummingbird Feeder with Camera

Bilantan HummerHi- Smart Hummingbird Feeder with Camera Solar Powered

Bilantan HummerHi- Smart Hummingbird Feeder with Camera Solar Powered, Lifetime Free AI Hummingbird Feeder Camera 2.5K Motion Activated Wireless Outdoors Live, Enjoy Stunning Hummingbird Close-Ups

  • 【Enjoy Stunning Hummingbird Close-Ups】The WiFi hummingbird feeder with camera has brought an unparalleled level of joy and fascination to the backyard, which not only nourishes our little feathered friends but also provides a unique peek into the captivating world of birds through its built-in 2.5K AI-powered camera.[Supports more stable 2.4ghz WiFi Connection]
  • 【Exclusively Designed for Hummingbird】This hummingbird camera feeder features a vibrant red and yellow design, thoughtfully designed with two hummingbird houses, an ant moat and small feeding ports, easily attracting more hummingbirds to your screen and elevating your bird-watching experience.
  • 【Lifetime FREE AI Bird Recognition】Through extensive data training, the AI recognition hummingbird feeder is like having a front-row seat to accurately identify the exact hummingbird species visiting your feeder. You can check details of the bird species in Bilantan App, learning something new about hummingbirds every day.
  • 【User-Friendly Design】Solar-powered feature is a game-changer. The digital hummingbird camera not only aligns with eco-friendly practices but also ensures a continuous, uninterrupted view of the avian visitors to backyard. Easy to disassemble and clean design, more convenient and creating a more healthy bird-feeding environment.
  • 【The Ideal Gift for Bird Lovers】The video hummingbird feeder's clarity and precision capture every details, from the vibrant plumage of hummingbirds to the charming antics of songbirds. The real-time feed directly to phone allows you to enjoy these moments from the comfort of home. It's a unique and innovative gift that will definitely level up backyard birding.

Weight: 4 pounds
Dimensions: 9"L x 7"W x 16.5"H
Brand: STnelun
Model: Smart Hummingbird Feeder with Camera
Colour: Red
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: Shenzhenshi Laichuangpin keji youxiangongsi
Colour: Red
Origin: China