Blissskip Kids Electric Dirt Bike – Lightweight, 170/340W

Blissskip Kids Electric Dirt Bike - Lightweight

Blissskip Kids Electric Dirt Bike – Lightweight, 170/340W, 11.8MPH Max, 24V 2.6A Removable Battery, Off-Road Tires, Electric Balance Bike for Ages 3-6/5-12

  • First Step for Young Riders:A tailor-made electric dirt bike with a robust yet lightweight aluminum frame, designed for easy handling. Versatile and adaptable, it serves as a balance bike, electric bicycle, or automatic dirt bike, evolving with the rider’s growing skills.
  • Thoughtfully Crafted for Comfort: Features skin-friendly silicone handles and an integrated vacuum seat for enduring comfort. Dual manual and electric braking systems ensure added safety. The adjustable seat adapts to your child’s height for lasting durability.
  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a 170W motor reaching speeds up to 10mph. The 24V 2.6A lithium-ion battery ensures a prolonged ride time of 40-60 minutes, covering up to 7.5 miles, for endless fun.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: The motor features a fully enclosed drive chain to prevent injuries. The battery is equipped with short-circuit, overcharge, and discharge protection, ensuring a safer experience.
  • All-Terrain Adventure: Equipped with 12-inch inflatable rubber composite tires for superior traction and grip, capable of handling diverse terrains including grass, sand, mud, roads, and snow, empowering young riders to explore and adventure with confidence.

Weight: 24 Pounds
Size: 16IN Tires
Brand: Blissskip
Colour: Blue
Manufacture: Hangzhou Shudong Cross border Technology Co., Ltd.
Colour: Blue
Size: 16IN Tires

Product Description

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