Boho Low Picnic Table,60 * 30 Inch,Portable Pine Picnic

Boho Low Picnic Table

Boho Low Picnic Table,60 * 30 Inch,Portable Pine Picnic Table for Outdoor, Beach, Picnic, BBQ and Party,Outdoor Picnic Table Comes with Two Sets of Legs(13 and 16 Inches),Natural

  • HANDADE FROM NATURAL PINE WOOD: Handmade by artisans, this table is made from natural pine wood, which shows the unique grain and texture of the wood. What's more, this table also gives off the unique scent of pine wood, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural atmosphere while using it.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: The picnic table features an easy folding design, it measures 30.0 "W X 30.0 "D when received folded and 60.0 "W X 30.0 "D when unfolded, and it can accommodate 6-8 people at the same time for dining or events. Weighing in at 28.10 lbs, it is easy to carry and store, and can easily fit in the trunk.
  • REMOVABLE LEGS: Equipped with 13.0" and 16.0" table legs, which can be easily removed for different scenarios and needs. The joints are designed with secondary knobs, which can be easily re-torqued after the screws are twisted out to protect the screws' threads and avoid connection problems.
  • Warm details: The meticulous design is reflected in the connection between the table leg and the tabletop, the secondary knob design makes the connection firm and reliable, and not easy to come loose. This design takes into account the convenience of the user and the firmness of the connection.
  • NO STAINING, NO ODOR: The picnic table and legs are not stained, maintaining the original color of the natural pine wood. The table is ready to use without worrying about odors, making it ideal for children. The unstained design also allows the user to DIY and paint the table in their favorite color, making the picnic table one of a kind and creating unique memories and memories for you.

The installation process of our picnic table is very easy, you only need to refer to Figure 3 to proceed.First, open the picnic table and then install the same size legs by rotating them onto our designed leg connectors. This process does not require any specialized tools, just a simple operation to complete the installation of the picnic table.
We have designed the assembly in a user-friendly way so that you can enjoy the convenience and utility of this picnic table easily and quickly.If you have any questions about the installation process, feel free to refer to the illustration or contact our customer service team, we will be happy to support you.
This picnic table is made of solid wood, so each table has a unique wood grain and tone.This makes the picnic table you receive unique and distinctive, presenting the beauty of natural wood. Equipped with metal carabiners and twine carry handles, this picnic table is made more practical and portable, providing you with a better use and storage experience.More than just a practical outdoor companion, this picnic table is a tool for creating unique memories.Its unique design and original wood texture give more character and personality to the outdoors.
It is ideal for a variety of occasions such as outdoor dining, camping, and patio parties.adding more fun to your outdoor time. This is not only a table, but also a companion to accompany you in creating wonderful memories.
Materials: Quality Solid Pine Wood,Metal Hardware,Hemp Rope Handle
Dimensions: 60.0″W X 30.0″D (1520 X 760 mm)
Table Legs: 13.0″H & 16.0″H (330 & 406mm)
Color: Natural
Weight: 33.07lbs.

Weight: 33.07 Pounds
Size: 60.16*30.04
Dimensions: 30.2"D x 60.1"W x 16"H
Model: PICN-289
Colour: Natural
Pack Quantity: 1
Assembly: Yes
Colour: Natural
Quantity: 1
Size: 60.16*30.04

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boho low picnic table

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