[Electric Focus]4K Projector with WiFi6 and Bluetooth 5.3

[Electric Focus]4K Projector with WiFi6 and Bluetooth 5.3

[Electric Focus]4K Projector with WiFi6 and Bluetooth 5.3, 600 ANSI Portable Mini Projectors, OWNKNEW Outdoor Movie Projector, Support Auto keystone Correction, for Phone/TV/iPhone/HDMI/USB

  • 【Electric Focus & Auto Keystone Correction】:2024 Newly upgraded projector, no need to manually rotate to focus,saying goodbye to the tediousness and inaccuracy of manual focusing, and using the wireless technology of the remote control to adjust the focus, and you can get a clear image in 3 seconds.And the additional configuration of auto keystone correction function,intelligent to assist you to better correct the position you want, easily solves image skewing problems caused by placement.
  • 【Supports 4K,600 ANSI and 22,000 Lumens】:OWNKNEW movie projector combines brilliant color and high contrast ratio, delivering true 1920*1080P resolution, 600 ANSI brightness, and 20000:1 contrast ratio, and supports decoding of Ultra HD 4K video (H.265 30hz/MP4 format) with lossless image quality for maximum color reproduction. This portable projector will bring you a home theater experience, and is a great option for an outdoor movie night or game night.
  • 【Ultra-Fast WiFi6+2.4G & 450" Screen 】Projector is equipped with WiFi6+2.4G for efficient transmission, faster speeds than 5g, say NO to delays. Users can easily project content from smartphones, tablets, and other devices onto a large screen. Using screen mirroring even without WiFi connection, also can easily connect wirelessly outdoors. The adjustable 50"-450" screen also gives you the freedom to customize the screen size to fit any space.
  • 【Bluetooth 5.3 bi-directional transmission】:Ours smart projector has a built-in high-fidelity 5W speaker that delivers rich bass and clear treble, and supports two-way connectivity which makes it easy to connect to better external speakers bring you for a better movie watching experience.
  • 【Multi-device connectivity and 2-year warranty】:As an enhanced version of the video projector, it has multiple ports including HDMI, USB, AV, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for easy connectivity to cellphones, WiFi, TV Sticks, Android devices, USB flash drives, computers, PCs, PS5, game consoles, and more. OWNKNEW offers a 2 year warranty and lifetime professional technical support.

Weight: 3.98 pounds
Dimensions: 13.3 x 10.39 x 5 inches

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What's so special about this projector?

My suggestion is yes, we have this projector with electronic focus + auto assisted focus, compared to others that require Manual scrolling focusor unintelligent autofocusing,you can use the remote control to get a clear pattern in 1-3 seconds easily.

How to get a sharp image?

1. Place the projector on a horizontal tabletop and perpendicular to the wall.

2. Find the rectangle correction page and adjust it to a regular rectangle, then press F+,F- to adjust the focus to make the picture clear

Can I scale the image size without changing the distance from the projector to screen?

Yes, you can freely adjust the size 70%-100% to meet the needs of your various screens

Is the projector compatible with my Google phone, Xbox gamepad?

Due to copyright issues, the projector is not compatible with products such as Google's own cell phones or Xbox gamepads.

Why can't I watch Netflix/Hulu movies on this projector? Why is there no sound when I watch a video?

Can be used with a streaming device such as a Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, or with an HDMI cable, (as with most projectors on the market, copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix, etc. cannot be mirrored)