Escort MAX 4 Radar Detector – 2X The Filtering Accuracy

Escort MAX 4 Radar Detector – 2X The Filtering Accuracy and Processing Power

Escort MAX 4 Radar Detector – 2X The Filtering Accuracy and Processing Power, AutoLearn Intelligence, Advanced Detection Range, Built-in GPS and Bluetooth Connectivity

  • 2X Filtering Accuracy – Stay focused & experience fewer distractions with advanced filtering software paired with AutoLearn Intelligence. Detector recognizes and reduces false signals so you get accurate alerts at the right time for a quieter ride.
  • Exceptional Detection Range – Get notified of what's ahead sooner with enhanced Low Noise Amplifier technology. Escort's legendary detection range provides rapid responses and warnings so you have significantly more time to adjust your speed.
  • Maximized Awareness – Connect to the Drive Smarter community to get exclusive live alerts from other drivers across the country. With Apple CarPlay & Android Auto compatibility, you can view your route and interact with alerts on your car’s display.
  • Dual-Core Processing – New dual-core processor enables 2X the processing power vs. previous generations. This contributes to better overall performance, faster response times, and improved accuracy in detecting threats while minimizing false alerts.
  • M2 Compatible – Build the complete driver alert system and be prepared for the journey ahead. The MAX 4 radar detector can be paired with the Escort M2 smart dash cam which allows you to capture your drive in full HD resolution, day or night.
  • AutoLearn Intelligence – GPS-based software learns your route and rejects repeated false alert locations.

Your passport to worry-free journeys. Create lasting memories and embark on the road trips you’ve always dreamed of with the all-new ESCORT MAX 4 radar detector. Featuring twice the accuracy for less distractions, exceptional range with a low noise amplifier, and maximized awareness through our community, the MAX 4 is your passport to worry-free journeys and unforgettable adventures.

Weight: 1.39 pounds
Dimensions: 5.63 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches
Model: 0100056-1
Colour: Black
Manufacture: Cedar Electronics
Colour: Black
Origin: Philippines

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