Fryer Grease Bucket 10 Gal, Coated Carbon Steel Oil Filter

Fryer Grease Bucket 10 Gal

Fryer Grease Bucket 10 Gal, Coated Carbon Steel Oil Filter Pot with Caster Base, Oil Disposal Caddy, Transport Container with Lid Lock Clip Nylon Filter Bag, Silver

  • 【10 Gallon Capacity with Filter Bag】 Despite its compact size, our fried oil bucket has a large capacity. The diameter is 14 inches and the depth is 13.8 inches, which can hold 8 gallons of oil, reducing the frequency of emptying the tank. The flat cover can be stacked in multiples to save space and is equipped with a filter bag to facilitate filtering impurities and suspended solids in the tank, small particles, etc.
  • 【Enhanced Sealing Effect】 This oil filter barrel is designed with 3 locks to ensure a reliable sealing effect. The buckle and silicone seal fit the lid perfectly, improving the sealing effect. In addition, a gasket is added to the screw hole to effectively avoid leakage. This triple guarantee greatly facilitates the storage of frying oil and minimizes the possibility of leakage.
  • 【Easy to Transport】This deep grease bucket has a removable base and two flexible handles. The stand is designed with 4 casters making it easy to transport the oil can, ensuring that it can be moved effortlessly on a flat surface. The firmly connected handle makes it easier to lift and pour hot oil or grease.
  • 【Premium Carbon Steel】 Our oil tanks are made of heavy-duty carbon steel, approximately 0.03 inches thick, making them durable and not prone to bending. The exterior coating resists rust and corrosion, making this grease bucket resistant to wear and tear. The interior is coated with a food-grade coating, which is hygienic and heat-resistant, allowing you to store hot oil with ease.
  • 【WIDE APPLICABILITY】This frying oil bucket is made of durable materials and is compact, suitable for various places, including but not limited to restaurant kitchens, fast food chains, hot pot restaurants, bars and grills, cafeterias, public canteens, etc.

Weight: 16 pounds
Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 17 inches
Model: 10 Gallon Bucket Silver
Manufacture: GARVEE
Origin: China

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