Household Large Capacity Dough Mixer with Microcomputer

Household Large Capacity Dough Mixer with Microcomputer Timing

Household Large Capacity Dough Mixer with Microcomputer Timing,Kitchen Electric Stand Mixers,Dough Maker with Ferment Function,7L

  • SPLIT DESIGN: This dough mixer adopts a split design. The electrical part and the pot part can be easily separated. The advantages of the split design are easy operation and easy cleaning. The dough mixer has a simple structure, is smart, and is durable.
  • THERMOSTATIC SYSTEM: After the dough is kneaded, it can be made into noodles and dumpling wrappers. It can also continue to ferment at a temperature between 25-38°C. The fermentation time is shorter and the dough is fluffier. The fermented dough can be made into bread, biscuits, pizza, steamed buns, etc.
  • VERTICAL DESIGN,LOW NOISE: Face-up touch panel design can save space in your kitchen; The bottom suction cup and weighted body make it less noisy. It is your best bread and pizza making assistant.
  • TIME SAVING:This stand mixer has a microcomputer timer function,The microcomputer timing intelligent knead&ferment dough program can save effort and worry. Procedure presets to knead dough in 15mins and ferment in 45 mins. 304 stainless steel basin and kneading blade makes using and cleaning more convenient.
  • FREE YOUR HANDS: This dough kneading machine imitates manual kneading operations, and the kneaded dough is smooth and strong. Large capacity, one-time kneading, can meet the needs of a family, completely freeing your hands, saving you time, and is a good helper in your home kitchen.

Weight: 7.7 pounds
Dimensions: 11.42 x 9.45 x 11.81 inches
Manufacture: JSDQQG
Origin: China

Product Description

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Product Specifications

Product name Multifunctional stainless steel flour mixer kneading machine
Material Stainless steel
Voltage 110V
Capacity 5L-7L
Motor speed below 10,000 rpm
Control method microcomputer type
Scale markings Inner wall markings
Cleaning method non-automatic cleaning
Application places kitchen baking, pasta
Number of blades 1
Bread Machines household stand mixers kitchenaid
Stand Dough Mixers Stand Dough Mixers
Price $136.99$144.99
Product Volume 5L 7L
Product size 24*29*30cm 24*29*33cm
Net weight 3.5kg 4.6kg
Whether to plug in
Whether there is a suction cup and a solid base
Dough Making & Fermentation