HYS Pre-Tuned 462MHz-467MHz UHF Amateur Base Antenna, GMRS

HYS Pre-Tuned 462MHz-467MHz UHF Amateur Base Antenna

HYS Pre-Tuned 462MHz-467MHz UHF Amateur Base Antenna, GMRS Base Station Antenna, Outdoor 7.5ft (86.6inchs) Long-Range 8.5dBi, Pole Mast Mount (SO239-UHF Female)

  • The HYS antenna features UHF of 462-467MHz (460-470Mhz) with VSWR:< 1.5. The antenna features great specifications with vertical polarization and gain: UHF 8.5dBi for better TX and RX.
  • The antenna exhibits a maximum input power of 200W that works for all 460-470Mhz mobile radios. The HYS antenna is working for 460-470Mhz Motorola Kenwood Icom Vertex Blackbox HYT Hytera UHF mobile radios.
  • This 7.2ft (86.6inchs) tall antenna is composed of Fibergass making it durable. SL-16K (FEMALE)/ UHF FEMALE/SO239. It is designed to provide pattern coverage that is optimized for outdoor coverage requirements at 460-470Mhz.
  • Heavy-duty Outdoor weatherproof Fiberglass with high gloss, integrated ground plane. Includes mounting bracket and hardware; Coax cable purchased separately. GMRS antenna for many outdoor applications, including building rooftops, utility poles, homes and offices etc.
  • Comes with 3 sections, mount and screws, easy to install, the body of the GMRS Base Station Antenna makes it highly resilient to outdoor use. The antenna does not come with mast pole mount; it comes with TWO U-bolts which can be used with the attached plate for pole mounting. It allows vertical polarization.

Weight: 3.19 pounds
Dimensions: 43.9 x 3.5 x 3.3 inches

Product Description

Fiberglass antennaFiberglass antenna


Frequency Range 462-467MHz
VSWR <1.5
Impedance 50Ω
Gain 8.5DBi
Polarization Vertical
Maximum Power Input-watts 200 W
Horizontal Beam Width 360º
Vertical Beam Width 33º / 17º
Lighting Protection Direct Ground
Connector UHF female (SO-239)
Length 7.2ft( 2.2m)-86.61inch
Weight 1.2Kg
Radiating Element Material Cu
Radome Material Fiberglass
Color White
Material of Hardware-supplied Aluminum Alloy

Three Sections Fiberglass Antenna

Clipfiberglass antenna Fiberglass antenna

HYS Fiberglass Antenna’s impact resistant housing and included 2pcs U-bolts stainless steel mounting hardware make it suitable for many outdoor applications, including marine, buildings, utility poles, roof, surveillance trailers, well sites, remote telemetry units, meters, homes and offices.

base clipGMRS FIBERGASS ANTENNA Magnet Antenna Mount for CB Radio W/5M(16.4ft) RG58 Coaxial Cable PL-259 Plug dual band antennamagnetic baseHYS GMRS Antenna
Stainless Steel Car Clip HYS 200W GMRS 460-470 MHz UHF 7.2 dBi UHF Base Antenna Mult-Band Antenna VHF UHF Antenna 4.3inch Magnetic Base HYS Pre-Tuned 462-467MHz UHF Amateur GMRS Base Antenna
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Price $28.99$93.99$39.99$23.99
Frequency range 462-467Mhz Antenna 144/245/430Mhz 144/430MHz(136-174Mhz&400-470Mhz) 462-467Mhz Antenna
RG-58 Cable length 5M(16.4ft) 5M(16.4ft) 5M(16.4ft)
Maximum Power Input-watts 100W 100W
Gain 3.5dBi/4.5dBi/6dBi 3dBi/5dBi