Iron-Man MK 5 Helmet with Jarvis Voice & Remote&Touch

Iron-Man MK 5 Helmet with Jarvis Voice & Remote&Touch Controlled Open/Close Mask

Iron-Man MK 5 Helmet with Jarvis Voice & Remote&Touch Controlled Open/Close Mask, 1:1Adult Wearable Super Hero Mask&Movie Prop .Ideal Gift for Halloween&Birthdayand&Christmas(Golden)

  • ABS
  • [Exquisite production technology] The helmet is made by professional and mature hand, the use of high-quality ABS materials, the gold and red paint carved into metal texture, after multi-level, fine creation, the paint is as bright as a mirror, the helmet has a sponge cushion inside. Comfortable to wear. Highly restored, 1:1 wearable, equipped with voice control, remote control, and touch sensors for dynamic operation.
  • The helmet has three control methods: voice control/remote control/touch sensor, and the voice control has the Jarvis voice greeting effect. Voice controls can control the entire helmet or multiple status switches. At the same time, the helmet added the deformed metal sound effect in the movie during the opening/closing process.
  • Built-in 7 adjustable sponge pads, soft and comfortable to wear, can change the helmet size to suit a variety of head circumference, the maximum wearable head circumference is 24 inches
  • when you put on an helmet, the eye position of the helmet is transparent and you can see outside.You can use video shooting, take photos to share with others, cosplay, you can also do decoration and collection at home.
  • 【Gift】When the festival comes, such as birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, give to your friends and family, I believe this is the a special gift!

The maximum head circumference is 60 cm, The helmet supports touch, voice and remote control.

Size: Head circumference 60 cm
Brand: Autoking
Colour: Bright Golden
Colour: Bright Golden
Size: Head circumference 60 cm