Lahome Floral Indoor Outdoor Rug 8×10, Non Slip Outdoor

Lahome Floral Indoor Outdoor Rug 8x10

Lahome Floral Indoor Outdoor Rug 8×10, Non Slip Outdoor Patio Rug for Camping Picnic, Portable Large Outdoor Rugs for Balcony Deck Backyard, RV Mat Outdoor Carpet for Living Room Bedroom,Multi

  • 【Sturdy Indoor/Outdoor Rug】 This patio rug is made from synthetic fibers that are soft and breathable. sturdy, non-shedding, and can withstand high-strength tension and tearing. Perfect for high traffic areas such as patio, porche, deck, RV camping, picnic, beaches, park, living room, bedroom and dining room.
  • 【Breathable & Comfortable】Outdoor rugs with a breathable structure allow liquids to penetrate and evaporate quickly in the breeze, keeping the surface dry and comfortable. Our outdoor area rug is soft to the touch and comfortable underfoot, providing you and your family with a comfortable resting space.
  • 【Easy to Clean】This foldable camping rug is easy to clean, store and carry. No matter how long you have been exposed to stains and dirt, simply sweep these outdoor rugs with a soft brush or towel to remove dirt. Large stains can be hosed off or thrown into the washing machine for a deeper clean.
  • 【Beautiful Design】This large outdoor rug features a stylish and unique floral design in vibrant pastel colors for a unique look and soft texture. Give your home a brand new look! The appearance of color can vary from sunlight to indoor lighting.
  • 【Non-Slip Backing】: The living room rug is made of TPE rubber backing, which helps to hold the carpet in place .Prevent the elderly and children from slipping when camping in the wild and having lawn parties in the park. The rug may arrive with temporary creases, please allow time for the creases to smooth out and set.

Lahome Outdoor Rug Waterproof, Outdoor Plastic Straw Rug, Boho Patio Rug, Indoor Outdoor Carpet, RV Mat Outside for Patio, Camp, Picnic, Balcony, Deck, Backyard

This floral rug features a classic color scheme and floral pattern for an overall look and unique texture. Made from high-quality materials, this washable rug is sturdy and easy to clean. The Low pile design is perfect for pets and children to play and draw on the baby rug, is easy to clean, and provides just the right amount of cushioning for underfoot comfort

Features: Outdoor Rugs;Patio Rugs; Outdoor Area rugs; Camping rugs; Boho rug; Living room rugs; Bedroom rugs; Dining Room Rug
Durability: The rug’s non-slip backing is safe for children or pets’ activities. Children can play, draw and read while lying barefoot on the carpet.Children can roll and play on the carpet with bare feet.
Design: Unique patterns, fine workmanship, multiple pattern colors to choose from, can be used for any room decoration.
Available in a variety of sizes to best suit your decor, such as 5’x8′, 6’x9′, 8’x10′.
Care Instructions:
1. Daily cleaning
– Shake off dust or debris.
– Wipe away dirt with a rag.
2. Deep Cleaning
– Machine washed in cold water.
– Clean with water or garden hose.
– Air dry.

Weight: 16.96 pounds
Size: 8'x 10'
Dimensions: 120.07"L x 94.48"W
Brand: Lahome
Colour: Multi 1
Colour: Multi 1
Size: 8'x 10'