OPYRET Shade Sail Poles,12 Ft Screw in Poles for Outdoor Sun

OPYRET Shade Sail Poles

OPYRET Shade Sail Poles,12 Ft Screw in Poles for Outdoor Sun Shades, 2.36″ Diameter Steel Sun Shade Sail Poles with D-clamp, Metal Shade Sail Post for Garden Yard Lawn 2 PCS Gray

  • Innovative Screw-in Base- This unique structure allows for quick and secure installation, providing a stable anchor for your shade sail while enabling easy adjustments or relocation when needed. Help you get rid of the expansion screws or rebar cages
  • Sturdy Connection- The additional lined steel pipe significantly improves the stability of the connection, even when encountering force eight winds, OPYRET sunshade poles can easily handle it without bending
  • Superior Material- The high-hardness steel used in our frames is not only robust but also finished with a premium anti-corrosion powder coating. This meticulously applied layer ensures that our sunshade sail frames maintain their integrity even in harsh weather conditions
  • Adjustable Height- This sun shade pole kit consists of a 2.6ft base with a spiral drill bit and three 3.2ft sections. You can install them in combination according to your needs. When all four sections are installed, the total height is 12ft
  • Easy Installation- No additional tools are required, the accessories inside the package meet all your needs, the installation of this heavy-duty sunshade rod is very simple and convenient, just screw the base into the soil and connect the three sections above it

Weight: 41.7 pounds
Dimensions: 2.35"L x 2.35"W
Model: SSP
Colour: Gray
Manufacture: OPYRET
Colour: Gray

Product Description

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