PlugNGrill Turbo E Full-Size Outdoor Electric Grill

PlugNGrill Turbo E Full-Size Outdoor Electric Grill

  • PRECISION CONTROL: Digital controls with a precision probe ensure accurate cooking.
  • QUICK SEARING READY: Advanced carbon fiber infrared lamps quickly heat up for thorough searing.
  • EXPANSIVE 3D GRILLING SPACE: Can accommodate 3 whole chickens, designed for substantial roasts and meals.
  • EASY PLUG-IN OPERATION: Utilize any 120V outlet for straightforward, gas-free grilling.
  • ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES: Auto-shutoff at 572°F and flame-free technology for a safer grilling experience.
  • NO GAS TANK NEEDED: Enjoy the convenience of gas-free operation, focusing on the joy of cooking.

Weight: 50.9 pounds
Dimensions: 18"D x 24.1"W x 17.2"H
Model: B17003820A
Colour: Black
Manufacture: PLUGNGRILL
Colour: Black
Origin: China

Product Description

Meet the Future of Grilling

Plug in, play big. Time for effortless grilling. Turbo E by PlugNGrillSpacious space, warming rack, digital control, carbon-fiber infrared lamp, integrated probeTime for effortless grilling. 120V compatible, flame-free peace, no gas tank hassels

Enjoy Flame-Free Simplicity with 120v Convenience