STSERT ZONE Yoga Chaise Lounge, Chaise Lounge with Headrest

STSERT ZONE Yoga Chaise Lounge

STSERT ZONE Yoga Chaise Lounge, Chaise Lounge with Headrest, Waist Pad, Foot Pad, Washable Cover Side Pockets Non-Slip Bottom, Yoga Chair for Relaxation Stretching, (Black, Large)

  • The yoga chaise undergoes vacuum compression during transportation. Before use, please leave it in a ventilated area for about 48 hours to fully expand. When assembling the outer fabric cover, squeezing the sponge will help you complete the assembly faster and better.
  • Skin-Friendly and Easy Care: Our yoga chair is crafted from breathable velvet fabric, perfect for all seasons. Its slight water-resistant property ensures dryness and hygiene even after intense yoga sessions. For optimal care, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth after each use.
  • Complete with Accessories: The Chaise lounge comes fully equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories, including a headrest, seat cushion, footrest, and lumbar support. Additionally, it features an adjustable headrest, allowing you to customize your experience and meet your every need.
  • Personalized Comfort: Adjust the backrest angle with ease to find your perfect position, whether you prefer an upright posture for reading or a reclined position for deep relaxation.
  • Convenient´╝Ü The chaise lounges adds a carrying handle design for better mobility. The bottom non-slip design ensures that it will not move during use, safe and reliable. In addition, the side pockets are designed to allow you to store whatever you want at any time.

Weight: 35.2 pounds
Size: Large
Dimensions: 67"D x 19.01"W x 30"H
Model: YM8390001BH-T2503
Colour: Black
Colour: Black
Origin: China
Size: Large

Product Description

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  1. 瑜伽沙发黑色大图1

    Elegant Versatility in Compact Form

    67″D x 19″W x 30″H

    Discover the perfect balance of sophistication and flexibility with our compact, black S-shaped yoga chair, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any workout or relaxation space.

  2. 沙发粉色大1

    Playful Charm in a Petite Package

    67″D x 19″W x 30″H

    Brighten your yoga practice with our regular-sized pink yoga chiase lounge, offering a playful pop of color and the perfect blend of form and function for smaller spaces.

  3. 瑜伽沙发黑色大图1

    Luxurious Space in Bold Black

    67″D x 24″W x 30″H

    Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with our enlarged black chaise lounge, providing ample space for a more dynamic practice in a sleek, bold color that makes a statement.

    Ex-L Black
  4. 沙发粉色大1

    Expansive Elegance in Vibrant Pink

    67″D x 24″W x 30″H

    Indulge in the spacious comfort of our enlarged pink yoga sofa, where the vibrancy of pink meets expansive design for a luxurious and inviting yoga experience.

    Extra-L Pink
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  1. 瑜伽沙发黑色大图3

    Exquisite Exterior Touch

    Velvet Majesty

    Dutch Velvet elegance, enhanced with chic copper buttons & sleek zipper, combines comfort and style.

  2. 瑜伽沙发黑色大图4

    Superior Inner Comfort

    Cushioned Oasis

    Non-slip, durable, and supportive design ensures safety and longevity for your practice.

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Living Room

Elevate Your Living Space

Combine comfort and style for relaxation and light exercises.