Trailer Leaf Spring Kit,4 Leaf 1750lb Capacity Double Eye

Trailer Leaf Spring Kit

Trailer Leaf Spring Kit,4 Leaf 1750lb Capacity Double Eye Spring for 3500lb Trailer,Leaf Springs for Trailer Axle Hanger Kit with U-Bolt Kit

  • 【Trailer Leaf Spring Kit】Trailer Leaf Springs include 4 Leaf Double Eye 1750 lbs Cap for 3500 lbs Axle Suspension SW4B / 72-42 / LIB-401-DE / UNA212 / PR4B / 124903 / 9150014 / 93184; 1750 lb capacity per spring for 3500 lbs trailers
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】 Our trailer leaf springs kit are made Heavy Duty Carbon Steel of for greater strength, flexibility and hardenability. The surface is painted and has good corrosion resistance.this high-quality leaf spring kit is designed to minimize wear and tear, ensuring fewer maintenance requirements over time.
  • 【LEAF SPRINGS FOR TRAILER AXLE 3500lb】A quality trailer leaf spring kit with everything needed to mount your 3500 pound axle. Spring mounts, shackles and u bolt plates are galvanized. Bushings are pressed into the springs and there is a durable coat of paint on them.
  • 【Effortless Installation & Compatibility】Designed for universal fitment across various trailer models, this Trailer Leaf Spring Kit simplifies installation with its straightforward bolt-on design.
  • 【Enhanced Load Capacity and Stability】Upgrade your trailer's suspension with our robust leaf spring system designed to significantly increase payload capacity,The meticulously calibrated springs ensure optimal weight distribution, reducing swaying and improving overall towing stability.

leaf springs for trailer axle 3500lb

trailer leaf spring kit

  • 2 x 4 leaf spring
  • 1750 lbs per spring
  • leaf springs for trailer axle 3500lb
  • 2 x spring hangers
  • 2 x rear hangers
  • 4 x spring shackle straps
  • 6 x spring bolts & locknuts

trailer springs Trailer Axles 3500lb Kit

trailer axle hanger kit

Weight: 37 pounds
Dimensions: 27.5 x 9.8 x 3.1 inches
Brand: Gtouse
Model: Trailer Leaf Spring Kit
Manufacture: Gtouse
Origin: China

Product Description

leaf springs for trailer axle 3500lb

leaf springs for trailer axle 3500lbtrailer leaf spring kittrailer leaf spring kit

trailer axle hanger kit