XCLBTFDC Cow Hip Lift, 2204LB Cow Hip clamp Adjustable OB


XCLBTFDC Cow Hip Lift, 2204LB Cow Hip clamp Adjustable OB Calving Milking Birthing Lame, Steel Stand Up Assist Device for Dairy Farm Cattle Helper, Postpartum Aid Severe Typhoid Fever (White)

  • Bearing Capacity of 2204LB:The Cow ow Hip Lifter can bear a weight of 2204LB, and it is constructed with high steel plate and reinforced lifting rings. The triangular support structure ensures robust stability, significantly improving the lifespan, safety, and stability during use. Suitable for different sizes of cows, using the Cow Hip Lifter is an investment in the comfort and health of your livestock.
  • Non-slip Rubber Tube:The design of the Cattle Hip Stand Lifter that comes in contact with the cow's steel pipe is wrapped with textured rubber, providing better protection for the cow's hip bones. It not only has anti-slip properties but also avoids causing surface wounds to the cow. You can use it with confidence, and if needed, enhance the softness by placing towels or fabric around the Cattle Hip Stand Lifter based on the actual condition of the cow.
  • Adjustable Pitch from 0 to 39.40IN:The Cow Hip Lift allows for freely adjusting the spacing between the rubber-wrapped hooks, equipped with a handle for easy adjustment. The ergonomic handle makes it simple and convenient to use. Depending on the type and size of cows, you can add sponge pads on the crossbar of the Cow Hip Lift to better protect the cow's spine.
  • Versatile Application:The adjustable Cow Hip Lift can provide valuable assistance to cows in various special situations. It is suitable for cows unable to stand due to postpartum paralysis, illness, injury, fever, childbirth, falling, surgical procedures, slippery floors, and other reasons. This is a powerful assistant in helping cows, ensuring immediate use in special situations with our Cow Hip Lift.
  • Easy Operation:The design of the Cow Hip Clamp makes it easy to use. Simply place the Cow Hip Clamp at the hip bone, wrap it with rubber tubing, adjust the lever to secure it, and then use a hoist to lift the cow slowly for stable standing. The maximum support weight of the Cattle Hip Stand Lifter is up to 2204LB. Note!!! Each use should not exceed 130 minutes. Excessive use may damage the cow's pelvis.


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Cow Hip clampCow Hip clampCow Hip clamp