Autel MaxiBAS BTAK Battery Tester Accessory KIT, DM100

Autel MaxiBAS BTAK Battery Tester Accessory KIT

Autel MaxiBAS BTAK Battery Tester Accessory KIT, DM100 Digital Multimeter 400A Current Clamp, Measures Voltage, Current, Resistance & Battery Strength, Troubleshoot Elect Sys, Work with BT608/BT609

  • 【Digital Multimeter and Current Clamp KIT】2024 newest Autel Battery Tester Accessory Kit (BTAK) is used in conjunction with MaxiBAS BT608/BT609 battery analysis tool to display digital readouts & waveforms perform leakage current test. This full KIT can measure ✅AC Voltage ✅DC Voltage✅Conductor Resistance ✅Diode✅AC/DC Current ✅Battery Strength ✅Troubleshoot Electrical System✅20mA~400A AC/DC Effective Measurement Range.
  • 【Troubleshoot Electrical Systems】 The Autel BTAK enables technicians to safely and easily troubleshoot vehicle electrical systems and components. Technicians can measure AC/DC voltage, current, and conductor resistance by connecting BTAK and Autel BT608 or BT609, and then locate the system problem based on the numerical or graphical test results displayed on the screen.
  • 【DM100 Digital Multimeter】 Autel DM100 Digital Multimeter is a multi-function, multi-range measuring instrument. Connect your multimeter to the BT608 and access its app directly from the home screen to perform AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current and resistance measurements, diode and connection tests. Test results will be displayed numerically or graphically.
  • 【400A Current Clamp】This current clamp meter is designed for current measurement in electrical testing, and combines a digital multimeter with a clamping current sensor. The nature of the clamp means that it can fit around a wire at any point to sense AC current. This has the advantage of allowing electricians to take a reading from a conductor without touching it, which is both more convenient and safer than other methods.
  • 【Full Package of BTAK & 1-Year Warranty】Autel MaxiBAS BTAK battery tester accessory KIT includes DM100 Digital Multimeter *1, 400A Current Clamp *1, Multimeter Test Leads * 2, Multimeter Probes * 2, A~lligator Clip * 2. 100% Original and trustworthy quality, this kit is worth owning. This kit comes with One-Year Warranty, please contact immoautel @ outlook . com for any further questions.


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How to Use the Autel MaxiBAS BTAK Battery Tester Accessory Kit ?

connection diagramWork Perfectly with Autel BT608/ BT609