Bread Fermentation Machine, Temperature Controlled Bread

Bread Fermentation Machine

Bread Fermentation Machine, Temperature Controlled Bread Proofing Box, Suitable For Fermented Yogurt, Bread, Natto, Handmade Soap, Zipper Closure, Sourdough Fermenter,S

  • 【MATERIAL】: Our bread fermentation box is made of three layers of temperature-locking material and has good heat insulation properties. Aluminum film, Oxford fabric and pearl cotton materials can provide you with reliable fermentation results.
  • 【TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER】: The built-in thermostat supports temperature adjustment from 1°C to 60°C to control the fermentation process. Easily set the desired fermentation temperature to make your cooking experience more convenient.
  • 【TIMING】: The bread fermentation machine has a timer function from 10 minutes to 96 hours, which can ferment a variety of foods for a long time. You can set the fermentation time according to the needs of your fermented food.
  • 【DESIGN】: This dough proofing bag adopts zipper sealing and has good sealing performance. At the same time, there are handle straps on both sides of the fermentation box for easy movement and portability, and it can be folded and stored after use.
  • 【APPLICABLE SCOPE】: This home bread fermentation box can meet your various fermentation needs. For example, fermented bread, yogurt, wine, tempeh, pizza, natto, etc. Suitable for small bakeries, cafes or restaurants that require stable daily production.

Our electric fermentation box has adjustable temperature and timing functions, which you can adjust according to your needs. This dough fermentation box also has a foldable design for easy storage and space saving. Whether you are an artisan baker or a cooking enthusiast, a bread proofer will become a trustworthy friend in your kitchen.

Bullet Points :
1. Foldable design with internal shelf, convenient for use and storage, saving space.
2. Supports temperature and timing adjustment, which can be adjusted as needed.
3. Used for heat preservation and fermentation of various foods, such as bread, yogurt, natto, rice wine, pizza, etc.

Specification :
Name : Bread Proofing Box
Insulation Box Material : Pearl Cotton, Aluminum Foil
Temperature : 1°C-60°C (temperature range inside the box: RT-60°C)
Timing : 10 minutes-96 hours
Product Size :
S :27cmx27cmx27cm
M :35cmx35cmx35cm
L :43cmx43cmx43cm

Package List :
Bread Proofing Box * 1

Note :
Please allow some errors due to manual measurement.

Weight: 2.2 pounds
Dimensions: 11.81 x 11.81 x 3.94 inches
Manufacture: 品牌
Origin: China