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Cloth Removable Slide Bundle Headrest Safe – Passenger Seat

Cloth Removable Slide Bundle Headrest Safe – Passenger Seat, Charcoal

  • CONVENIENTLY PORTABLE: Our new Slide Headrest Safe not only remains secure in your vehicle, but is also removable so you can bring it with you where you go.
  • SAFE & SECURE: Our Slide Portable Headrest Safe with matching driver's headrest ensures your valuables are protected while in your vehicle. Keep your firearms safely secured where only you can access them.
  • 3 POINTS OF ACCESS: Our safe is designed with 3 easy ways to access it; biometrics, a keypad, or a hard key. Access your valuables quickly when you need them.
  • WORKS WITH WHAT YOU GOT: The Headrest Safe is designed as an automotive component—no need to remove your existing components or use bolts or tethers to secure it.
  • THOROUGHLY TESTED: We take product safety seriously. Our headrest meets the standards required for original equipment manufacturers including FMVSS 202aS and 302 testing.

Weight: 19 Pounds
Colour: Charcoal
Pack Quantity: 2
Manufacture: The Headrest Safe
Colour: Charcoal
Origin: Mexico
Quantity: 2

Product Description

The Headrest Safe Co. Sleek, Safe, SecureHeadrestSafeCo Slide 2.0 Charcoal Cloth ComboEasy and secure installationHeadrestSafeCo Slide 2.0 Black Leatherette HeadrestSafeCo Slide 2.0 Black Leatherette

Make sure to purchase The Bundle for matching headrests.

Headrest Safe Co Black Leatherette Slide 2.0Headrest Safe Co Black Leatherette Slide 2.0 ComboSlide 2.0 Black ClothSlide 2.0 Charcoal Cloth ComboSlide 2.0 Charcoal ClothSlide 2.0 Charcoal Cloth Combo
Slide 2.0 Black Leatherette Safe Slide 2.0 Black Leatherette Combo Slide 2.0 Black Cloth Slide 2.0 Black Cloth Combo Slide 2.0 Charcoal Cloth Slide 2.0 Charcoal Cloth Combo
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Price $499.00$499.00$499.00
Color Black Black Black Black Charcoal Charcoal
Material Leatherette Leatherette Cloth Cloth Cloth Cloth
Passenger Safe Headrest
Driver Companion Headrest
Bundle (Save Money, Best Value)
Removable Interior Safe