Electric Bread Dough Proofer Machine,Stainless Steel

Electric Bread Dough Proofer Machine

Electric Bread Dough Proofer Machine,Stainless Steel Material,Transparent And Visible Pc Cover,Independent Control Time/Temperature And Humidity Functions,For Making Baking, Fermentation,590*430*300mm

  • ▲【Spacious Capacity】: Our proofer machine has a large capacity and can accommodate baking sheets,dough plates, toast boxes,etc,without moving them,After fermentation is completed, easily transfer the fermented food to the oven for the next step baking process.
  • ▲【Precise Time/Temperature and Humidity Control】: Our electric bread dough proofer machine has independent time/temperature and humidity control functions,saying goodbye to cold and dry conditions that hinder fermentation,and easily achieving better and more stable dough proofing and fermentation.
  • ▲【Transparent and Visible Design】: The highly transparent PC cover is visible in all directions, allowing you to easily monitor the status of the food,Whether you are checking the fermentation of the dough or observing the fermentation process of the ingredients,you can keep a close eye on the progress at any time.
  • ▲【Convenient Stainless Steel Base】: This proofer machine is designed for high efficiency and has a stainless steel base that can directly place baking sheets,dough plates, toast boxes and other tools.
  • ▲【Wide Range of Applications】: The perfect electric bread dough proofer machine is a multifunctional dough proofer machine that can meet all your fermentation needs,whether you are a bread lover or like to make homemade yogurt,this multifunctional dough proofer Proofers will revolutionize your cooking experience.

◆1.Control knob,durable,simple and clear
◆2.Stainless steel body, anti-fall,pressure-resistant,safe and stable
◆3.Highly transparent PC cover,good sealing and easy to observe
◆4.Anti-slip base,stable placement
◆5.With independent temperature/humidity control and simple and easy-to-understand mechanical knobs,the dough can ferment under precise humidity and uniform heating

◆Condition: 100% Brand New
◆Product Name:Electric Bread Dough Proofing Machine
◆Material: stainless steel, PC cover
◆Time: 0-120 minutes timing
◆Temperature: 0~54°C adjustable
◆Humidity: 60-100% humidity adjustable
◆Rated voltage/frequency: 110V/220V~50Hz
◆Power: 140W, 200W, 250W(A/B/C)
◆Size: 410*310*280mm, 510*360*290mm, 590*430*300mm(A/B/C)
◆Weight: 4KG,5KG,6.5KG(A/B/C)

▲Products include:
◆Machine x1
◆Water cup x1
◆Grid stand x1
◆Hair basin x1
◆Lid x1

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2.Please check the size before purchasing

Weight: 9.9 pounds
Dimensions: 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
Manufacture: 品牌
Origin: China